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    So I was chillaxin out in my room, thinking about getting my pipe out, when my next door neighbor starts banging on my room door like a fucking Greek protester, yelling "LETS GO LETS GO". Im like, "Brian, im meditating right now" and thats when he breaks down the door. He starts going on about how the cops showed up at his door. And thats all he really said, he just kept repeating it. Then, I get a knock on MY front door. Turns out it was just the fire department lookin for money. Brian comes downstairs, laughs, calls the firemen pussy little cat-savers, and walks out the front door.

    This is life as i know it, a stoners life.

    possibly more stories to come...
  2. nah.. just a dumbass life

  3. ^This man knows what's up
  4. Wow brian sounds like a cunt.

  5. true.
  6. some friendly answers here. lol.
  7. there goes 10 seconds of my life.........

    and brian sounds like a little fuck. let's see who's the pussy when brian gets caught up in a fire and those same firefighters pull his ass out of the building. that's one of the most intense/dangerous jobs a person can have, and they're looking for money so they can keep saving people's lives. your friend is a little bitch and doesn't deserve to be saved
  8. doesn't sound too healthy man.
    LETS GO LETS GO? you're going where lol?

  9. never said he was my friend just my fucked up neighbor
  10. my bad. pretend i said your neighbor.
  11. I really don't understand...does anything make sense anymore:confused:

  12. haha alright. this isnt the first time he has pissed me off, im pretty sure he does some hard stuff.
  13. The fire department looking for money?

    What is that all about? Don't they get money from taxes? I am confused.

  14. When you stop smoking pot so much it starts to. :rolleyes:
  15. Well, the government uses up all the tax money on mundane expenditures before they actually give any to things that we need, so they are getting Chinese money. :)

    And who the hell wants dirty Chinese money, right?

  16. they were looking for donations, its a volunteer fire department

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