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    haha that post was terrible.
  2. Yeah I know how you feel. Im only 19 but recently I got really sick at school and had to take a medical leave. So for basically the entire last 5 months ive been at home seeing doctors and doing the such. But i feel like if i dont get back to school soon I am going to go insane in this small town. Ive also been under a lot of stress because I dont have a job due to my illness and if I didnt have my dad I wouldnt be able to afford smoking. Everyone gets in a rut sometimes, you just gotta take a little break from smoking and get your priorities straight. Sometimes it takes quitting weed to do that though...
  3. I think you're first step is finding a full time job, or a position where you can have more dependable money.
  4. i am with you. i am taking a break until i have my life planned out a little bit and i will smoke on weekends for recreational use. i am no longer using weed as something to make the day better.(although i am not blaming weed... it just makes me too lazy to do anything cause everything is amazing with no effort haha :p)
  5. Life is only what you make of it. I don't like holding down a full-time job+overtime and going to grad school full-time, but they're both responsibilities that I knew I would have way before I completed high school. I put my head and heart into it, and just try to find something lovable in every second of my day. Keeps me from getting too bummed out.

    Like whiskey said, get a full-time job. Money can be a huge motivator, and compared to working 2 days a week you'll be earning a bit more. Take it one step at a time and you won't get too overwhelmed and feel like you're "just going through the motions"
  6. Move out man. Go to Toronto or Calgary or something. Labrador looks boring as hell, no offense, but was just like my hometown. Nothing to do but sit around, get blazed, get drunk, play videogames, play hockey. I loved them all, but it was getting old. Went to school and got a new sense of purpose I guess, actually like having more responsibility and some goals, and the freedom to smoke up whenever instead of waiting for parents to leave.

    See if you parents could help you out or something. Good luck man
  7. im stuck in a rut too
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    OP im almost in the same position as you.

    im 20, live with my dad, and have to get up 6 30 for work every weekday. all of my days are the same except if i dont go to work, or dont go to the gym (3-4 times a week). when im home, im on the computer all day or play with my dog, i used to play the piano for hours but not as much any more.

    i call this bullshit 9-5 job a 6 30-4 job because getting up from bed IS work for me, especially that fuckin early. this routine has brought me back thoughts of suicide.

    not to mention i dont even have a damn car and i give more than half of my paycheck to my dad for bills, plus i buy my own food which can cost me $30 a day.
  9. lol Labrador is pretty boring.. thanks that's pretty good advice..
  10. I would go with the idea that people who don't try are the real losers of society. Really everyone who is born in a canada, parts of europe, and america are winners because they aren't born in IMMENSE poverty like the mass of the population of the world. Imagine walking 2 miles to get some water that is in the mud. Or working all day a for a small bowl of rice. I mean the fact that we've been born in a country with wealth makes us a winner no matter what. In terms of luck. Hate to say it, but its my opinion on the whole "succesful, loser, winner" mentality.
  11. haha i hear what you are saying.
    but don't you think that if we are born in a country of opportunity, we are "losers" to sit around and not take advantage of what we could have?
  12. I agree that people lose their passion. Part of what keeps you young is your willingness to take time to chill out even after you've accepted the fact that a 9 to 5 job is not only necessary, but can be extremely rewarding if you're willing to do the work to put yourself in the position to do something you enjoy.

    That's my perspective at least. Work hard. Take pride in what you do. If you can't, you're not doing the right thing.

    Good luck, man.
  13. I know how you feel; but, at the same time, being lethargic towards life in general is just as bad as grindin out the 9 to 5 in hopes your offspring will make more of themselves because of your sacrifices.

  14. This is my rationality right there.

    I live in a great country, i have so many luxuries that other people dont enjoy. I work hard at my university, and i've had plenty of late stressful nights studying, but come on, other than university and a 10 hour/week job(my rent's only like 450 and i make 20 bucks an hour + selling weed part time) i can do whatever i want. If i dont make something of this great oppurtunity i have to make something of myself i'm basically spitting in the face of all the people in the world who work 18 hour days to support their families and sleep on mats.

    The way i see it man, you should start putting in more hours at your job, or if they wont let you, find another full time job and get your debt payed off, once your out of debt, see about getting into a good university(if your grades are good enough) or a trade school. Im going to university, but i work construction and put in huge hours when i'm not going to school. Trades like construction and electrician can earn you huge money man.

    Whatever you do, i'd do something soon, quit wasting time man:hello:
  15. Just do something for yourself thats good. Like brushing your teeth, reading a book on knowledge or philosophy. Exercising. Look for a better job whatever. Something productive. No one goes and gets a degree from college and walks out into a house. Everyone ends up in an apartment. Remember that.

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