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  1. Well before anyone reads this, I'm completely writing off the top of my head with down to honesty my true thoughts.
    Why can't people just be happy and be content with themselves before thinking about others? Why don't people just live to have fun and be happy. Maybe because the world is so corrupt in ways that it's just hard.. it might be. But maybe we should stop looking at the finer things in life. Settle down, smoke some bud, live a decent life, you don't have to be fancy all the time. Live how you want, be unique, be so unique that your mind can wrap itself around anything and everything.

    I don't know, this is just a small, small, small fragment of my mind.. when I saw the description of this sub-forum I just felt like writing a little paragraph.. ha.

  2. Why? Coz it's incredibly difficult to do what you've written...
  3. unless, of course, you've seen the light :hippie:
  4. Yeah it's a hard thing to do what I wrote, but everything's just in the mind bro.
    Some people live trapped under everything..
  5. :smoke:I agree with you. And andre nickatina is awesome :smoke:

  6. only cus it is so hard for most to stop trying so hard and just be;):smoke:

  7. often people find the simplest ideas the hardest to grasp....

    and many like being trapped under everything....

    they keep living that way cus even/especially when they deny it.....they like it that way!:eek:;):smoke:
  8. Which is also very difficult...

  9. And living trapped under everything is also very difficult...

    Life in general, is difficult.

  10. name something really worth doing that isnt at least a bit difficult?;):smoke:
    ok you covered that^^^^and a bit more while i was posting:eek::rolleyes:
  11. Maybe if people would just learn that not everything is as it seems. Maybe if people would understand you can change and rearrange almost anything. Maybe if people would start questioning things. Maybe if people weren't so stuck on what they believe and learned to be an actual open-minded realistic type of person things could be different.

    P.S. - I'm not even baked, this is the true form of a sober human mind.
  12. Rolling a joint while driving on the highway. :D
  13. You seem like a good thinker, so let me ask you...

    How to be open minded?

    In less than a paragraph please... Thanks.
  14. If you wanna be open minded, just be open minded. It's a real simple thing, just really complex in most people. Just do it.

  15. I love your answer man...

    Just BE open minded.

  16. hey ...that is at least a bit difficult;):smoke: depending on whos driving!
  17. Bong hits while driving are tricky also....

    in reference to post:

    Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.
    Galbraith's Law
  18. What does that mean?
  19. This post reminds me of my dad, who (apparently, to my mind) considers as part of his "contentment" a desire to complain about all sorts of things that don't need to be complained about. Sure, he could just smoke a bowl and stop... but I honestly think that would be taking away from his natural personality. His complaining irritates me sometimes, but I've come to accept that it's part of who he is.

    Perhaps, then, it is a part of who curious people are to always want to ask questions. I'm such a person, and I can smoke a bowl and relax like anyone. But sooner or later, I'm naturally going to go beyond that simplicity because... well, simplicity is too simple for me sometimes. It's great to relax and sort of idle, but sooner or later it's not enough and I'll naturally move on to serious (or completely insane) contemplation.

    To my mind, asking someone to "just live life" is asking them to do nothing other than what they already do naturally. So I can't help but wonder if your point is that people should get high and do what you do.

    So, inspired by your post, I think people should get high or not get high, do what they want to do, put at least a little effort into understanding the consequences, and try not to be too neurotic about it all.
  20. The thing is also, the curious ones may not need to ask questions. If they are wise enough most things can easily be put together in a problem solving scenario in the brain for yourself to solve without asking questions.
    You may not believe it, but most answers are given to use one way or another before we even figure out what the question is trying to ask us.
    Look around, and you might understand.

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