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  1. During Life, death is not present. During death, life is not present. The two can never co-exist. So during life i have no need to be concerned about death as once I have reached death, life will not be present and thus, niether will I.
  2. who told u that? i mean did you see this with your own eyes? becuse you could not be more wrong.

    truth: you do not die ,only your body dies.

    this i have seen with my own eyes

    i do not open my mouth to much around here but thought you should know the truth.
    peace to you bro.
  3. have you had an "out of body" experience in the post death sence?

    when have you ever subscribed to the "seeing is believing" philosophy???

    there could be any number of scientific explanations for what you saw.
  4. well that sounded good but it just alittle off!read other lives by steiger and william hawthorn,printed in 1969,knowen as one of the best books ever readen on a startling documented personal histories of reincarnation, i have a frist edtion! signed!its quite rare but out right one of the finist on this topic you could ever find! mit have it!and yes i have had a out of life experience!and you could see what your saying! but their are a few sprits that retan the event in its full details!and with out con fussion! yes seeing is beleiveing for some! but knowing the presents of a greater beging is not something one can fake!felling god near you is like feeling god near you!knowing him ,knowing he lives,knowing he is real can only beknow by meeting him!fact!good luck tazz11
  5. I tend to think of living as the state before death... much like larvae precedes pupa. If you think of it in that context, that we're simply born to die... it makes your short-life seem like something worth enjoying.

    If there's no big party after death, only a black void... why not enjoy yourself now and enjoy your fellow man. You'll only get to know the people you know once... relish in their presence.
  6. Death *is* present in life, though...
    I thought about this one alot, and actually have read this thread a few times thinking about it, and it may work for you!! And that's good! You are lucky to not be cursed with a mind as curious as my own, because I torment myself with such questions!

    But for me, even the mere knowledge of death makes me want to improve on my life. The fact that we don't know what happens after death preoccupies even the greatest minds with fantasies about a heaven, reincarnation, the fears of hell, nonexistence, the possibilities are endless. It, along with the "meaning of life" has been the all-time stumper for the human race. What happens after we die? Nobody actually knows, until they die and are no longer here to explain it to us. Damn them! j/k :) There are people who have had near-death experiences who all have vivid memories of these experiences that are phenomenal, but there is no scientific explanation for what they saw, and nobody can verify that it is true, and not a common dream amongst those who survived almost-death.

    The preoccupation of death lies in every single human, even you Digit because something had you thinkin about death to come up with this thread!! The knowledge of death alters each and every one of us in a different way - some more than others. I live my life to the fullest, I thirst for knowledge and wisdom, I try to help others who are not as fortunate as myself, because I want them to live it to the fullest too. I value every day I have, no matter how crappy it is, because I know there will be a day in my future when my body DOESN'T rise from my bed. Where my spirit goes from there, I don't know. I boggle my mind about reincarnation, but why can't I remember my past lives, and if I can't remember them, are they really worth anything? And heaven versus hell, well there are so many GRAY AREAS I can't possibly believe the 2 exist as extremes, but meld together and everyone gets their own version of an afterlife. People even have careers based on figuring out what happens to our spirits, or for the non-spiritual, the mind when we die, devote their entire lives trying to figure this out and still die not truly KNOWING.. Beleiving, perhaps, but not KNOWING. And it effects us.
    So therefore, death IS present amongst life. We witness it every day, and it alters how we treat others, whom we relate to, how we live our lives.

    just my $2 and some change :)
  7. wtf?life n def r human concepts.
    I cant b leve smokerz need this xplaned.
  8. he that knows god ,fears not hell's evil! darkness can't hide from the light! strenghten your aura and walk threw like you own hell ,its fun for the true of faith.....inner power well light your way in this life and the next ! , and beyond!,....good luck tazz11
  9. when you gatta go you gatta go

    no use worrying about when or how jest know death come for us all

    and i for one will welcome it with open arms

    your whole life is lived in order to reach your death

    it is not the end only another begining

    what you may ask is on the other side?

    find someone who has been there and ask them

    but my gess is our laguage has not the words to discribe

    what we will find
  10. my whole life is lived to let every one know, he still lives! as long as i am here on earth that is! lol
  11. the rainman, your a smart man, I don't know how many times I have said that here and on Yahooka.

    But you hit the nail on the head!

    Fearing hell is stupid!
    I fear someone that doesn't posses the light that I feel I have for being able to create my life to be good and a loveing person.

    Not knowing you can live a good life is bad for someone.

    When you die, you might just escape to your mind. Why fill your life with bad things, it will just fill your mind with bad things x3.
  12. heres a thought or 2.the better things u do ,the better life u have.if u wanna live in heaven just act like u think a resident would act n BINGO youll b living there in no time 4 heaven n hell exist everywhere
  13. i do not fear death. i know that when my body dies my mind will no longer be limited by my physical brain or my physical body. my mind will be reabsorbed into the collective consciousness.

    all needs and desires, caused by earthly and physiological factors, will be eliminated. imagine if you didn't need food or water, never got hot or cold, felt no pain.

    all problems will be no longer relevant.

    eating mushrooms give you about four or six hours of this, blocking portions where your consciousness attached to your physical being. then you can see the things that your physical consciousness is supposed to keep you hidden away from.
  14. IN life there are many stages,if you were to say that when you die life dosen't exsist then how do you describe heaven,or lack there of?
    In fact there are many realms of life. we are in the physical realm, there are many more that only deals with astrological plains w/ very little matter or none at all. "The absence of religon is the true path to god." Quote by:Ben Cobb
  15. How can we be sure that the world we live in right now is not a stage of after death... what if this is what we go through after we die... Living might be something totally different... what if this is the Heavon and Hell everyone speaks of... what if only our bodies leave this earth and we stay here... No one will ever know... and all different beliefes are supportied by theory one way of another... so i truly believe no one will ever know the truth but the truth inside... what they totally believe... what I believe is supported my the Bible (i am not religous... but some stuff i there i prove reasons for them happening in the bible) and it is also supported my the "BIG BANG" theory of the beginning of time and also supported my the every day matter of energy... so truthfully I wish well to all those who love to believe lol I will see you all in the "City"
  16. life is something without a beginning or an end. all of our minds are a collective existence working in harmony with the universe and its infinite dimensions. no single person can even begin to concieve the vastness and complexity of life. your mind is in existence in several different physical and metaphysical dimensions, which all share the common language of mathematics.

    so who decides why this was made this way, who made it this way etc etc etc. i think our own minds are the creators and the creators of these minds were more minds and it never ends (no beginning or end), if ive lost you im sorry but this is how i see it and its hard to explain, the beginning mind is non existant but in principle it is "god" (whatever you think god is or may be). at times it seems like we are nothing more than an idea of something more celestial than us, something we will never understand in any dimension of life, plagued and riddled for ETERNITY.
  17. we are a state of being ,! call it what you want ,what you can under stand! but try to under stand what and who you are !gain inner peace and let it guide you in your path of inner and outer peace! but remember a path means, what is before you in life and death ,because wings unlike feet dont need to stand apond the ground ! your spirits well fly like the wind as fast and as far as you wish ,you need only wish and your spirit needs it's feeling to be strong ,these feelings guide are wishes ,the will to wish, what you will!, never want !for it is only greed hideing in wait !and your cup will never be full as long as greed fills your soul & spirit! will you wish !,and wish what you will ! if you hold the power to make your wishes come true! all will be yours! if you wait and impower it to be ! wait !,watch!, and see!look who's saying it me! good luck tazz11
  18. It's not completely true that near-death experiences cannot be explained scientifically. In fact, just the opposite is true. I'm sure you have all heard the classic experience that many people have described as going towards a "white light." This is actually because of natural hormones that is released in to your brain when the body thinks it is about to die. These hormones are called endorphins and they are designed to trigger opiate receptors in the brain to reduce feelings of pain and emotional distress. Many scientists have stated that these chemicals have the ability to create a "white light" kind of sensation in those going through a near death experience.
  19. I think it is so amazing that God loved us so much when He created us in His image He created us with that awesome phenamanon! That's really cool! He loves us soooooooooooooooooo MUCH!

    rainman, why?
  20. why we are his reflection!would he not love him self !for we are part of him and he knows that ! the true ? do we ?

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