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  1. Im gonna flood these forums with questions lol. Anyways I'm 5 weeks into veg and my girls about 12' tall and getting very bushy. There's nodes growing out of nodes and it's gettin congested and messy so I gave her a trim. I feel like I was hurting her :( lol anyways after trimming I decided to top her too. Not 100% sure it was necessary but I think it was the right decision. What can I expect after topping her? I've read it can kind of shock them, would that mean some droopiness? Is there anything special I should do? Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Topping doesn't slow them down much lol. Always use a very sharp scissors or razor (clean them with alcohol before cutting).
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    '...and my girls about 12' tall'

    Careful not to fall of that ladder
    I prefer the Black & Decker 20 inch blade

    good luck
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  4. lol I think you kno what I meant..

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