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life after high school

Discussion in 'General' started by oiunsauo, May 25, 2009.

  1. I am about to graduate and I am just woundering if lfe would get better for me
    1-i have never had a girlfriend but do have a lot of friends
    2-i don't drive yet
  2. 1. You'll miss highschool
    2. You will have alot more responsibility
  3. Ummmmm, cant really say. I'd bet it gets better for most people, but it all depends on who it is ....
  4. I think school, work, and parties are the easiest places to talk to girls. Since graduating i haven't been to many parties. Go to college.
  5. fuck high school is 50 times better. The people are WAY more mature and you only go to classes for a few hours a day. Also at uncc we get friday off so the party starts thursday :hello:.
  6. in some ways yes because all the fun memories but other ways damn, i'm so glad to be out of that glorified child care center.
  7. Highschool is probably the best time of your life because you really don't have any real responsibility. Once Life kicks in it can still be good, but IMO nowhere near as good as being a kid.
  8. high school is totally lame!

    college is WAYY better! I had a lot of friends in high school but in college you find the coolest most diverse people. You should get involved if you are interested in any clubs on campus! OOh man, you are going to have a BLAST!
  9. i find college to be worse than high school. i play basketball for my univ and i encounter fake ppl all the time. when at a party and chilln it takes me 5 min to see if the kids are cool or not. i dnt care if the people are the most outgoing or not cuz im definitly not buit i hate it when someone notices that your on the bball team n they suck up. in high school, shit happens and real emotions take far (bout to be a soph in college) my best experiences are in high school. sure in college the parties are better as you can drunk as hell, high as hell, talking to a sexy girl is easier. However, by buddies and my 3 ex gf's that i had be4 entering college were so much realer and fun to be around.
  10. High school is lame, College is great if you chill with the right people.
  11. If you live on campus then it won't matter that you don't drive and most places have buses that go out to apartment buildings and back to campus. I think college is the best experience and it will be better than high school, just remember to go to class ;).
  12. I personally didn't go to college. Sometimes I wish I had but other times I'm glad i didn't. Wherever your at in life you'll have good times and you'll have bad times. You'll have more freedom now but also a lot more resposibilities. Whatever the case may be I wish you the best of luck!!! Smoke on:smoking:

  13. heres what you do when you meet some one new

    say "hey, make this face" and put your hands up like claws and be like rawr:eek:

    if they do it you know theyre legit and not fake. If they don't do it or hesitate or ask why, just know that theyre the absolute scum of the earth and get away from them.

    trust me, its perfect for weeding people out

  14. hell yea college is soo much better...fuck high school....the only people that miss high school are the ones that never went to college.
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    For me, life is basically the same.. I moved out when I was 16, and thats what worries most people the most, I've found.

    Basically, you'll feel nostalgic about high school, and you'll probably wish you could go back and enjoy it this time instead of hating it. And maybe you'll think about all the cool shit that could've happened if you just do A instead of B, or whatever, but after a while, it's tons better after high school. Just like a month or two after high school was kind of a bummer for me, but now after a year, I love it. I just go to college for a couple hours a day, and I take night classes, so I get off at 10:30pm, which is just the right time to catch any good party, and I can get my rest again and wake up at 2pm. I love it.

    But really, get your license. Social life recieves a giant boost when you get your license. You can go and do whatever the fuck you want, and it opens up alot of doors outside of your hometown. I mean, right now since I move around alot and couch-surf, I can basically go anywhere in Michigan and know people there to party with, and then get a hotel for the night, or just crash there or in your car.. then wake up and head back across the state to some other town I don't live in and stay there.. it's fucking fantastic. You get out on your own and learn the shit school can't teach you.
  16. I hated every minute of high school I couldn't stand it the phoniness the drama. I swear I thought I wasn't going to make it out before the homicidal tendencies kicked in, but the funny thing is I miss it I really do. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. This endless precession of days. Get up go to work come home smoke some blunts sleep repeat. This cycle is bullshit and it can't be the way we're suppose to live. To each his own though I suppose, before I go to far off topic.

  17. uhh, real emotions in high school? Sure they might be real, but living in "The Hills" or "Laguna Beach" isn't exactly my style.

    College I've found people to be a lot more straight with you. If you don't like someone or someone doesn't like you, oh well that's the way it is, you don't have to deal with their shit.

    I'm not as close with some people as I was in high school, but I've also known my HS friends for between 6 and 15 years, and I've only been in college for 2 years now.
  18. high school was tite but college is much funner. then you get responsibilities and bills and shit, so live it up quickly.

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