Life after death

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Higheyes, May 5, 2011.

  1. What happens after we die? This thread is NOT for religious debates just thoughts. Im personally a believer of reincarnation. I'm curious to see what you guys think happens.
  2. Im thinkin my soul will float up to heaven and those who didnt believe in Jesus descend to hell
  3. After you die, you're born again, and you die again, and then born again, and you repeat this cycle over and over again until you realize it's all pointless and then you stop doing it and just completely disappear.
  4. Some might say we are already dead...
    Mindless bundles of nerves waiting to die.
    And death is not so much.
  5. This life never ends.

    You re-live this life over and over and over again forever.

    You die and then instantly born again. You die and then instantly born again. Every time you are the same person and have the same exact experiences exactly. It's like a movie that just keeps playing, ending, then restarting forever.

    Btw the credit for that idea goes to Duncan Trussell ok the Joe rogan podcast :D
  6. If I knew who I was, what life meant, what death meant, what eternity meant, what now meant, what the future meant, what the past meant, what truth meant, what beliefs meant, what knowledge meant...this all would be so much easier :eek:

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