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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shanky, May 21, 2010.

  1. LOL, tell that to all the caffeine addicts out there.
  2. "Marijuana was half as strong twenty years ago, and we know a lot more about its ill effects now"

    We do know more about the effects of marijuana now. Which is why it's being legallized medically in some states and potentially legalized for recreation in Cali. It is horrible that people can convey these messages, but I think we're winning the war. Science says more than some woman who caught her kid with a pipe.
  3. Wow I just read that entire thing. Those blatant lies just piss me off. Thats the same stuff my mom preached to me when she could me a few years ago. I hate how our government can't be trust and that they lie to their citizens. It's ridiculous.
  4. damn i couldn't even finish reading it, how the hell are there still people like this? after reading some of the comments i feel so bad for the kids of these self-righteous brainwashed d-bags
  5. I read the first few paragraphs... Honestly ide agree with most of the things that the person wrote. If your smokeing weed your bringing yourself around a new set of people, Drug dealers, and exposeing yourself up to new substances and opportunities.

    I didnt finish reading the whole article but i did start to see where the social veiw of MJ started to affect what the writer was saying. But she is a parent of an earlier generation and I cant really blame her.
  6. "Give them the facts. Marijuana is stronger than it used to be and we now have research that tells us about the frightening things it does to your personality and your performance in school, sports, and every area of your life."

    Frightening things done to your personality and performance? Yeah, I guess winning gold medals in the olympics is frightening....tell that to Michael Phelps

    And Ricky Williams, although that dude is sorta weird in the head, was the Heisman Trophy winner when he played for Texas, and he was great in the NFL too.

    And the whole making you dumb thing... I have a 3.3 GPA in college, and I smoke every day. Many of my friends also smoke a lot, and they get real good grades, too.
  7. my favorite statistic is how many of the people in rehab are there for pot. they don't tell you that most of them agreed to go to rehab as part of a lesser charge in court after being busted. COURT ORDERED rehab to get a lesser sentence as a direct result of the persecution of weed smokers :rolleyes: not to mention how most hard drug users there also smoke pot so they get counted too...

    i don't have any facts to back this up but i'd bet that, of the people who voluntarily went to rehab for ONLY pot, a very high percentage of them are mentally unstable already.
  8. She put her son in inpatient.....that fucking blows. Poor kid.

    "...the majority list marijuana—or weed, as the kids call it, as their drug of choice."

    "Back then, pot, as we used to call it..."
    ^^No one calls it that anymore?

    “I have extreme empathy for any parent who is dealing with this in their family.”
    ^^That's sooooo dramatic. Calm down.

    "...contained four percent THC, now it’s about eight and a half percent..."
    ^^Understatement :smoking:

    "I’d also tell parents, first, set aside your rationalizations (i.e., alcohol is legal and therefore “better” than “hard drugs” or making statements like, “At least he’s only smoking marijuana.”)" Even with the quotes around her claim that alcohol is "better" she still is in fact trying to justify why alcohol would be better. Only problem is that the number of alcohol induced cases of violence, harm, and death is astonishingly high, whereas with marijuana it's a big fat zero.

    Yeah I couldn't read through the entire thing word for word because it was too obnoxious and quite frankly incorrect in many aspects. Sounds to me like her studies come only from extremely troubled teens/adolescents in some sort of inpatient/rehab program who have much worse problems that they need to deal with. What bothers me the most is her relentless use of the word(s) "addict/addicting/addiction" and making so many of her assessments based on weed, alcohol, and hard drugs as a group. That's just not fair considering most of what she was saying pertains only to the alcohol and hard drugs. Parents can get more useful information reading one of the "honest negative effects of marijuana" threads on here. Kids tell her they feel dumb when they smoke marijuana? I think she misunderstood what they were saying. When I was new to smoking and I had absolutely no tolerance whatsoever I'd get straight RETARDED....when I was high. Not before. Not after. This woman doesn't know shit. I could go on but I think eventually I'll work myself up into a fit of rage for no good reason.

    Point is, she is a TOTAL dummy....perhaps goes without saying.

    P.S.: Excuse my apparent bias against alcohol. It's caused a lot of shit in my life so I have my reasons for not being so into it.
  9. I think where there's smoke, there's fire. Chances are, if you think that your child has been smoking pot, he or she probably has. These are the big signs: kids' grades slip, they change their whole group of friends, they stop playing sports or going to youth group"

    When I started smoking bud many years ago in 8th grade I did all of these :laughing: I ditched my bestfriend, stopped going to the local boxing club and my grades went from B's to C's
  10. Everybody rate it a one.

  11. getting good grades has nothing to do with your drug habits, and everything to do with your work ethic. just because you can smoke your weed and still read a book doesnt mean you are some super stoner who magically debunked every "lie" this shit told.

    ive seen the "dumbest" kids with little to no common sense ace their way through school, and they still cant fucking understand simple things. book smarts has nothing to do with the real world, dont let that be your only argument or you will look like a typical school stoner who can only parrot a few come backs and then cant think of any logical reason for himself.
  12. #13 halfdome, May 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2010
    :confused:hmmm..igot a 4.0 gpa,kept all my friends,never got retarded,stayed in wrestling, track,,played on championship little leauge team,blue &gold ribbons in 4-H(gold in cooking,iv'e always loved primo scout,scored in top 1% of state on sat's,i didn't get my girlfriend pregnant,didn't become a heroin addict(or anything else)had my class 1 f.c.c. license when 15 years old,i own property,worked at challenger space camp,summer camp counselor for 3 years,co-op grower for 3 years,net worth 500k+....DAMMIT...i'm so fucked up from that shit i can't imagine what pot smoking since i was 10 made me miss out's all true:rolleyes:...foflol...:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  13. I didn't read the entire article, and I haven't completely read through all of your posts, but I will use this excerpt to prove that this woman is using confusing wording to confuse the shit out of incompetent parents:
  14. Spewing this garbage is why it's illegal in the first place. If people actually spent the time to learn the facts instead of spouting out this bullshit, the world would be a much better place. When I started smoking, I became more social, my grades got better, I got outside more, and met new people. The only people who believe this, are the people spewing it. They lie so much that they revert to what they are saying, and believe their own bullshit.

    Come on people, smarten up.
  15. I like how they were like "Most people look at bloodshot eyes, I look at how drugs affect family values and relationships.. The stuff people don't talk about..."

    Before I started smoking weed I was significantly more self centered, wasn't aware of any relational problems, and was oblivious to all things I consider worth living for now.
    Im more connected to my family and friends now than I ever have been, and am living a whole lot more zen of a lifestyle.

    Just because children can't handle the perceptual changes weed gives you, doesn't mean the shift in perception itself is a negative thing.
    The different perceptions cannabis gives me is clearly beneficial in my every day life.

  16. Same. I am way closer to my friends and family..You go onto a different level with someone while high on the herb :smoke:
  17. "Research also shows that if you’re addicted to one drug, especially at a young age, then you’re brain is wired to become addicted to any addictive drug."

    Grammatical error, article invalid.
  18. the worst kind of grammatical error too...
  19. "We drug test our son once a week"

    Sounds like a fucked up family and the kid will end up smoking meth.

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