Lies about not being a virgin

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  1. So in the winter there was this girl who was interested in me. One night at college she drunkenly brought me to her room and laid me on her bed. We started making out and then she asked me if I was a virgin. I lied and said no to her.

    Turns out we continue to hook up for a few months then start fucking and ever since march we have been dating.

    When she asks about my past with girls I tell her I've fucked 3 other people. One which is my last girlfriend that I never speak to anymore.(she moved) the other 2 I say were from my last job and I only fucked each once. When she asks where I've had sex and what the sex was like I always make up crazy stories.

    I lied because I knew if I was a virgin then she would loose interest. It worked because she is my girlfriend now. It was a harmless white lie.

    I plan on telling her the truth maybe when we are dating for a lot longer but it bothers me. Last week I asked her if I was a virgin would we still work and she said yes but she likes that I have experience.

    What should i do? I can live with it even though it bothers me. I'm afraid of telling her because she may see that as a turn off.

    If I tell her then she will understand why I like sex so much and it will just explain why the way I am.

    I just don't want to change anything. If I don't tell her everything still wouls be fine.

    ALSO-all my friends think my last girlfriend and I fucked. There is only one person in the world who knows the truth in that I lossed the v card to my girlfriend.

    What should I do?
  2. you dont come to grasscity about it thats for starters
  3. You made that post to confusing.

    Lies are never good though.
  4. the longer you keep lying the worse it's gonna get.
  5. haha I'd just go with it now buddy. The one thing virgins have going for them is being genuine, you fucked that up.
  6. Yea man, get that long,depressing, weird shit outta here. You're over thinking it to much anyway. It's a pointless lie, and It's about time for you to tell her the truth.:) She's not gonna freak out and dump you for it.... lol
  7. every time you lie about being a virgin, a truthful virgin gets laid. keep payin' it forward my dude.
  8. Yeah i'm sure if you've had sex and are dating her then its noo biggie. Everyone knows how guys say they've fucked more then they have and vice versa with the ladies. Everyone I know thinks I've fucked 6 girls but its been only 5 lmao.
  9. Tell the truth. If she really likes you it wont matter.
  10. no one cares.
    i don't mean no one on here cares so u should stfu, I mean no one cares when you lost your v-card. whats she gonna do when she finds out? break up with you? if that's the case then good riddance. i wouldn't worry about it and just live ur life like u have been.

  11. the suspense.............. don't keep us hanging!

  12. I'm that virgin getting laid in 2 weeks, thanks OP!

  13. This guy ^ Yep it's been quite the journey. He's gonna be getting ass like no other. Smooth as kief stoned.:cool:
  14. Just say you haven't done it for a while and your rusty, if you're horny it's easy man, even my first time was easy. Just work the hips and not your whole body.

  15. This sounds like the prerequisite to a thread thats gunna be made in 2 weeks time:

    " could have lost my V card, but i fucked up!"
  16. Personally I wouldn't tell her. The lie is done already.

    You are both young, and young women need some excitement. Like she said, she enjoys thinking that you're a cool guy with experience fucking other girls. She's hoping to have some kickass orgasms thanks to your awesome experience, and if you shatter that fantasy for her she could lose interest. She's also thinking you are a little more emotionally mature than you probably are, because that just comes with time and experience in relationships.

    If you were about to get married I would say to fess up because the relationship could withstand it, but if you're young and a new couple then you're just gonna cause problems ;)
  17. Na that wont be happening, I got it on lockdown. :cool:
  18. Ehh Id just go on about your relationship and leave it alone, dude.

    Maybe if the topic comes up and she asks again.
  19. Lmao, dude you said it your self, she said she wouldn't mind if u were a virgin but she likes guys who are experienced... well look it here your going out you fucked her so she took it as this guy must be experienced, you tell her your a virgin she's gonna look at you in surprise on how well you rocked her world in the bedroom for being a first timer and won't leave you for it.....bam ur in the clear.
  20. I told my girlfriend i had slept with my previous girlfriend (i hadn't), because i wanted to seem experienced. I took my girlfriend's virginity and she took mine.
    Now i feel bad about it cos we have been together almost a year and i really want to tell her but i know it would result in a huge argument, but i wish i never lied to her.

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