Lies about marijuana from a well-known womens magazine-please comment

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  2. Hmm, i wouldnt say im dependent but i sure as hell get high a lot.

    And a lot of people who ik have smoked weed.
    Cobtinued to do so(some daily, some monthly)
    So psychologically addictive yes, but certainly not physically.
    All that other drug comparison is utter shit but that 1/3 might not be wrong if "dependent" is used loosly.
  3. But not so much psychological either.
    If you like getting high, youll continue to do it bc yoy enjoyed the expierence and would want to reexpierence the psychoactive effect.
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    tried to type this in comments there at that web site if someone wants to go there and post this please do...
    there are no cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system so cannabis will never be addicting and take over your operating system like drugs that do. you have cannabinoid receptors on the outer organs that receive info from your nervous system( that means you have 100% control over cannabis use). so your system sends out 100% correct non muddled signals and fortifies the body with what is available in your system and if you have cannabis in your system guess what , your body utilizes those cannabinoids and puts them to good use efficiently just as god created it to do. as a rule, research stuff before committing info as fact. 
  5. I believe that anything in excess is can be a strain on your physiology.  
  6. I would say it is addicting, but i stopped for a month no problem after 2 years daily use... Also, it isn't nearly, or even close to being in the category of cocaine.
  7. <sup>I want to see her do some heroin and say that.  There is no "once" with the "H".</sup>
  8. addiction? no. I dab daily everyday. I don't notice anything negative physically when I suddenly stop. i do become noticeably slower for the first 2 days or so, but i would go about my day as usual (my parents come to the states every 3 to 6 months or so, thats when I go back home to see them and have my little breaks from weed). I still miss smoking but it is only in the way a fat kid misses burgers and fries. 
    not the same thing with cigs or (imo) coffee. i'm still trying to quit cig and this is probably the 5th or 6th try and i think its finally working :p 
    while my dad drinks 3 cups of coffee a day knowing its effect on his health and millions are dying from obesity because of food addiction.
    so yes you can be addicted to weed just as easily as you can be addicted to porn, food, or anything else that gives you pleasure. they are merely tools for people who want excuses for their lack of self control and motivation. the only difference is what is available to them to abuse. and honestly, if i want to be a lazy ass and run away from real life problems, i would pick weed to depend on over anything else ;)
    it's much healthier, basically no negative side effects (k fine i have to drink more water and my pee is too clear), and it makes alcohol, video games, porn and all the other things you can be addicted to... MUCH BETTER.

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