Lied to my chick that i got arrested today

Discussion in 'General' started by g0pher, Feb 14, 2009.

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    I been seeing her for a couple of months now, this month i'm broke as a motherfucker and i could'nt afford dinner out or chocolates or a gift, so i told her i got locked up :smoke:

    She didnt buy the story one bit, told me she's coming over later so we can jus chill. . I think i kinda dig


    What did yall do or are planning to do?
  2. Let me get this straight.
    You: I've been to jail.
    Girl: Oh lets go to dinner.


  3. what?

    he told her he was in jail...

    she didnt believe him

    so i suppose she got the truth out of him that he was broke (dunno bout this part)

    but now they are just gunna chill and not spend money

    i dunno exactly what im doing yet . probably burn and go see a movie then chill around after that . should be fun
  4. Wow, what a relationship, lol.
  5. Man that's fucked..
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    so you lied to your gf about getting arrested because you were too broke to buy her a gift because of a dumbass scamming holiday :eek:

    this proves that people take vday way too seriously
  7. Way to build a relationship on honesty...:rolleyes:

    All over a pointless fucking day. Nice.
  8. I don't even wanna know what kind of life you lead if "getting locked up" is considered a valid excuse.

    I mean, if you chose that lifestyle, you should at least be competent at it.

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