Lied on application - got job at restaurant

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  1. What it do?

    Ill start by saying I applied at this new restaurant opening and long story short I got the job.

    When I applied I submitted my résumé and applied for a server position. I verbally mentioned I was in school for culinary (total lie to raise my chances of landing the job) anyway they say they have "folders upon folders" of server applicants. (Great...)

    They went on to say they need to hire people in the kitchen. They were trying to persuade me to work in the kitchen so I mentioned I can do food prep. Real easy all you do is pre cut meats, veggies, season, etc. then they preceded to say "oh we will also throw you on the line" I'm like fucked I'm screwed because I'm not even in the culinary program LOL.

    So wtf do I do? I have zero cooking experience besides home cooked meals. Its like a bar/grill restaurant.
  2. Lmao go with the flow
  3. make yo paper
  4. I've been working in the food business for several years now. My father owns a restaurant and two cafe's in the city and I can tell you this. You won't be able to just blindly work in the kitchen without prior experience. I would either decline the position and not work there or speak with the chef or patron of the restaurant and weasel yourself back into the dining hall to wait tables.

    Why did you think lying about having experience in the kitchen would land you a job serving? Lmfaoo
  5. Idk I worked at a major chain before bussing and I never said I had kitchen experience I just said I was still in the classroom portion of the program when they asked
  6. Go for it man, the worst that will happen is you gotta get a new job.

    Just ask lots of questions.
  7. Best you can do is say you haven't really worked the kitchen for a while and you're sorry if you appear to be a bit slow, they will understand that. But you better be able to catch on fast and make it appear like you have some idea what you're doing, you just haven't done it in a while.

    Worst comes to worst you'll lose a job, may as well go for it OP.
  8. I say go an try it. When they realize how terrible you are just tell them you can't handle the pressure and you're dropping out of school after this experience.

    wins all over... except whoever eats what you cook, they lose.
  9. Like he said

    If you think theres even a chance of doing a bunch of stuff that your not capable of decline the job or run with it.

    But i wouldnt meds with that. Thats peoples food.

    More importantly that could be MY food.
  10. take my word. prepping and serving food is easy as balls. just follow the instructions and you're good to go. the only thing you'll actually need to learn is how to use a knife probably.
  11. when a new place opens they always hire a bunch of people. usualy more then they need. some will quit the first few days. the rest they weed though and let go that arnt up to the task

    milk that position while you can my freind
  12. what level of restaurant is this? like BK or a nice sit down?
    and do you know names of like pans? if you saw it you could name the 9th pan, 6th, 4th , 1/2, hotel, etc? There are simple things like that, that someone in the business already would know.
  13. [quote name='"EyesSeeingAll"']Lmao go with the flow[/quote]




  14. Just ask questions about how you do things around here. Say your last manager did things "his way" or something.

  15. This.

    Just use the old, "I have limited experience since I haven't been in school long enough to learn the basics, so I may need some help doing it your way"

    Then you can just tell them you quit school because your heart wasn't in it.
  16. Good chance they won't blindly out you on the line they'll train you and you'll prolly have your own section of the line to work which ull be trained

    So i s it like a chain restaurant? Or fancy fancy
  17. Or tell them you quit and are looking to get into a school that suits your style or needs or something.

    That way they still think your working to get better at cooking

    Life advice from GC, friends you can count on
  18. go for it, just remember not to pee in their soda or to do any weird shit to the food.

    ask questions like others have suggested already in this thread.

    and if you fuck up, at least you get a good story out of it lol.
  19. Work a couple days
    Buy a half o

  20. they'll train you.

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