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  1. Ok so when I first met my
    Current girlfriend she asked me if I was a virgin and my friends said to tell her I'm not I do not know why I listened but I did. I did loose my virginity with the girl I'm with and she lost hers to me. I really didn't think she was going to mean this much to ms and we honestly want to marry each other. I think she deserves the truth and she would also feel better knowing that I've only had sex with because she talks about how she's glad she lost her virginity to me. I've never lied To her it's been 4 months and I swear we havnt fought one time it's been all perfect. I think she would be a little mad that I lied but i think she would respect me for coming clean? Especially if we did get married she needs to know now. I think I should tell her or do you think I should hold back?
  2. Dude by the time you're 17 you wont even remember this chick.
  3. Ok, first of all, not to rain on ur parade, but you are not ready/should not even consider marriage at ur young age, big mistake!!. to answer ur question, yes tell her the truth, I had a BF do that too, but since i wasn't a virgin, even though he lied, it was obvious to me he was a virgin. I'm sure she will be understanding. seriously get a little perspective in life before marriage, it's no game.
  4. I doubt she"ll get mad at all. This is literally like telling her the opposite of a girl you cheated on her. Instead of "Honey, I slept with someone else" it's "Honey, you're the only girl I've ever had sex with".
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    Congrats, sounds great, but chill out. Just tell her, problem solved. She might feel great about the fact that you guys gave eachother your first times. If she gets pissed and leaves you, you might better understand the fragility of human relationships.
  6. I'm 18 out of high school btw..
  7. Don't tell her. You never tell chicks the truth when you already lied. So what if she thinks you weren't a virgin? All that will do is make her pissed and ruin your relationship. My golden rule with chicks is no matter how bad you fuck up as long as you lie about you are strait. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
  8. For most cases I would agree with you, but the virginity bomb will melt a girl.
  9. what does that suppose to mean? :confused:

    Sorry I'm currently baked as a muffin. :D
  10. and the lies continue

  11. You never know. 4 months and already thinking about marriage. He might really be that stupid. :laughing:
  12. tell her or dont , your still going down
  13. slap your self!
  14. Truth.First loves are always amazing and seem like it will/can't (n)ever end and you plan on getting married,but eventually one of you will break it off and it will suck.

    Anwyays as far as the virginity thing,just tell her.She'll probably actually be happy to hear it.It's always good when two virgins lose their V car to eachother.Just tell her you were really embarassed.

    BUT if you DO tell her the truth,she might wonder what else you might be lying about....So be careful.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^
    This above is too funny lmao
    But for real man girls who have even the slightest experience can tell if I guy has done it or not so yu don't have to worry about her saying ^^^this above haha. But do whats right in your mind man then the choice cant be wrong. If she takes it the wrong way...dump her. Fuck it. Ur not a virgin anymore continue that streak man hahaha jp.
  16. just tell her the truth! she will prob only be a little confused why you lied, but in the end she will be happy about it! good luck with her man :)
  17. Haha 4 months? I'm sorry but is this a joke?

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