Lickit The Titits

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LauraJadeth, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I got bored in work so I googled some shit and came up with this site. I got absolutely fucked up at lunch and ended up reading the "stupidest convos with your parents while high" thread, or some shit like that. Was tres funny, luckily for me my boss is away today or I would've been in the shit.
  2. Well welcome to the city.

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I have welsh ancestory.:)
  3. Well ta very much :) You do? Whereabouts?
  4. You are welcome. I am not exactly sure what part, but my great grandfather was welsh and swedish.:)
  5. Well that's cool. I'm in the south anyway, near the capital. I have a stupid accent and the weather is crap, but it's pretty and green :)
  6. lickit the titits?


    Lick the titties?

  7. That's pretty much the basis of it, yes. It made me giggle. Don't hate on me, I'm stoned :p
  8. Yeah but I dig the welsh accent.:)
    Yeah man I thought the same thing. But I just chalked it up to me being a boob man.

  9. The accent's cool with you then? Good, that's what I like to hear. I put "lickit the titits" for two reasons: 1, it sounded funny
    B, epic boobs are epic
  10. and licking epic boobs is epic in itself.

  11. We are all in agreeance.

    Welcome to the forum! :p
  12. welcome to the city!
  13. Thank you! I have epic boobs! Ha :hello: Yay me
  14. hey welcome to the city

    strange title

    for a girl to put on their thread

    but to each their own
  15. Yeah, don't hate! That thread title is the only reason I came in the Introduce Yourself section for the first time.... lol

    Welcome to the best place online LJ.....

    at least when you're stoned.. which should be most of the

  16. Heyyyyy! Well it's 8:47am. I am in work. And I am totally blazed right now. And you know what my dear, this just made my fucking day. My friend Lisa made special brownies last night. I might scoff one in a while, I'm up for sharing! are you :)

  17. Maybe I like tits? Have you not thought of this?
  18. hey there Laura. how's it going?

  19. Very good thanks, how about you? :smoke:
  20. good as it can be without weed :rolleyes:

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