Licit glass. contact info, where to buy?

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  1. So i came across a sweet looking showerhead tube. I found out it was made by Licit glass. Apparently there such a new company they dont have a facebook or a website. All i know is that none of the headshops i frequent has heard of them.
    Anyone out there have any contact infor for them at all. Id like to get my hands on one before the prices go up.
  2. Its actually one of the dudes who broke off of SYN to make his own company. I dont know too much about everywhere you could buy them but i know there are some Licit tubes, and mini tubes with great gritted in-lines and shower percs at High Country Glass Studios in Boone NC
  3. dude that tube looks sick
  4. i second this, let us know what you find out. i'd deff pickup that straight tube.

    keep it trilla.
  5. Hit up green house glass on fb. I'm pretty sure they will ship you one.
  6. licit is a small virginia based company made up of ex syn glass blowers. all of their tubes are pretty close to syn pieces but they're still original. all are high quality. good luck finding one though they're honestly only in hampton roads (norfolk has an lhs called aardvark that has them)and close by. north carolina probably has them as one poster already mentioned probably in asheville. i recently just acquired a double showerhead mini from licit (but it dosent have any banding as it was one of their prototype tubes). its the same height as a syn double fullsize but way smaller in diameter with no splash guard and an 18mm stemless barrel.
  7. That pipe is dope
  8. My LHS (The Glass Stache) has them, a lot of them. I can confirm, I also heard the blower is from SYN originally. Also in NC.

    I had one a year or so ago... it wasn't anything special, but nice price.
  9. piff take some pics, or describe them to us! what kinda percs? and how are they priced?
  10. Yeaa I jus got one from my local shop they also have many diffident choices I do live in va and that's we're licit is coming out of... Tha shop name is pipe dreams And number is 7033690420
  11. And I love mine alot
  12. There are more and more shops that are getting Licit glass There is a Facebook page but it is not very active. The owner did come from syn but deff is not the same company and doing his own thing trying to make it. He has some very very good stuff and I love mine. If your looking to get something new check it out The MFS is a nice piece and the Ratchet Froth is off the hook
  13. This ^^^^^^^^
    I live in northern Virginia; about a 40 minute drive from pipe dreams, I've talked to the guys at pipe dreams about Licit Glass. They told that when they get stuff from Licit they can't hold onto everything for very long, and the glass is "cheap" for their quality, usually around or above $100. If I had the money or the space for a bong I would buy a Licit tube in a heart beat.
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    I live in Raleigh and just saw that my LHS (Kitsch) got a nice bunch of Licit mini gridded inlines and rachets in this week. I'll probably pick up one ASAP cause the guys said they go pretty quick. Right now they range $130-$300. They've got some nice Licit ACs too
    The blowers name is Gibbie Dowdy and he broke off from SYN a while back and is putting out quality stuff for a good price. I would assume that most legit shops between GA and DC are trying to pick up his stuff so if your shop doesn't have any, you should give them the heads up.
    Licit logo design...

    Kitsch's Licit pieces...
 (gridded upstems & ratchets)
 (gridded upstems, ratchets, and ACs)
    And at Aardvark...
 (sick worked ratchet piece)
 (hybrid bubbler/AC)
 (stemless inline to ratchet)
    Pipes dreams...

 (sick worked collabs with Hemlock and Lolita)
 (worked rachet)
 (vapor bubbs... one worked)

 (amazing one of a kind worked recycler)
 (another sick recycler... not worked)
 (3 footer & some minis)
 (Licit & Hemlock collabs)
 (stemless ratchet)
 (worked ratchet)
 (worked ratchet)
 (frosted vapor bubb)
    There's a couple more pieces on Statigram all under the tag #licit or #licitglass
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    Great quality for sure. I live in NoVa and got a Licit 90 degree ratchet perc ac from The Glass Stache to go with my mini Showerhead purchased from Island Dyes. Their stuff is really nice, very similar to SYN and much more affordable. They make great bent neck bubblers, you should check them out.
    By now they've definitely become a bit more well-known but nowhere near where they should be. 
    You can go to to order online or if you're lucky enough to have a quality shop around you in the NoVa and surrounding areas you can grab one there. After SYN, Licit is definitely up there with my faves but much more affordable, similar to Zob Glass in my opinion. 

  16.        Cheap Glass + Free shipping
  17. I actually work for licit. We are all glassblowers from SYN who left because of poor management and the way they treat their employees isn't up to par. You can contact us through and follow us on Instagram @licit and @savageglass we produce quality glass at great prices!

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