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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Hashpothead, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. My experience,

    Dear Sir/Madam, Writing to complain about a Consultant at Stobhill Hospital Glasgow, pain clinic. Mr Mcgee was quick too point out that he was involved in a failed cannabis trial before? Another statement which alarmed me, was the statement, "I cannot give you anything here that will improve your condition! Had a tin with cannabis details, a dongle with extensive research as stated by Government. All aspects off my inoperable spinal injury and health issues.

    The Doctor then examined my spine and asked where the effected area was?(There was a large "Lidocaine" patch on my affected area)He then pushed into my spine!inflicted a lot off pain,for what purpose? 15yrs of records scans doctor and consultant`s report`s. So I told him i was in a lot of pain at that point. He then asked me too come over to the exam table, had me face my wife, I then told him in no uncertain terms NOT! to touch my sore bit. Then twice! he did the same thing! PUSHED INTO MY SORE BIT!!! what the hell is going on here? was he trying to get me angry, well he succeeded,Pain level 8 damn why would a professional man be so petty? And before you go off on me and my attitude, I have had numerous Doctors Consultants and Nurses Physios and Pain Nurses that did not do this! This man wanted me out the door, simple as. And it is disgusting.
    Gareth Magee
    Withessed By Anne Magee and the ongoing hellish pain since! still cannot believe this happened.


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