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    Whatsup GC? So yesterday my buddy James and I cruised a 1.5 g blunt, I was blazed as shit. I dropped him off at home, then I was driving to pick up another buddy (I didnt want to go home lol) I lit up a ciggie and was sitting at a red light. There was this green truck in front of me with a license plate that said, "LOL WUT" From Minnesota I think. I couldnt stop fuckin thinking about that stupid green pear! I laughed to myself for a good ten minutes and thought I should post this little story on the city :smoking:
  2. hahahaha yeah man I've seen a kthxbi plate before on 80, rofl'd all over da place.
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    dam thats funny i would make mine "4tehlulz" and it would make since as i'm cutting you off
  4. License plates...are funny and alot of dumb ones...I wanna get a costum one but nah too weird.
  5. LOL
    touche ;D

    I think people who customize their license plates have nothing better to waste their money on; but that is fucking funny
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]

    LMAO i saw that LOL WUT licenes plate id prob shit myself if i was high
    "wait look at lisence plate!!"
    "oh its all good"
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Colorado Bans Woman's 'Tofu' License Plate[/ame]
  10. A few days ago I saw a license plate that said "LOLHAHA" on it. I actually took a phone-pic of it.
  11. Haha i'm laughing my ass off reading this thread. NOFTCHX is pretty funny imo

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