License plate "419 YES"

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by charger07, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. WHile out and about today, I saw tis number on a Florida plate on the car ahead of me:

    419 YES

    Do any of you folks have the plate with the next number in that sequence?:smoke:
  2. nah, the closest i've seen is "dedhed" with some questionable bumper stickers.

    my take on the phenomenon is, it's dumb. basically advertising you smoke or whatever.

    but i did have a small steal your face sticker on the back passenger-side window of my first e30.
  3. This sure didn't look like a "personalized" plate...likely was made in a sequence between 418 YES and 420 YES.

    Thought it might get a laugh out of some people here.
  4. I'd love to see a Mazda Miata with the plate of "NOT GAY"
  5. i saw a dude in a lambo with the plate "lambo".....NO SHIT BUDDY
  6. why didn't they make it prop 420..... that shit would've passed fo sho
  7. I'm in Australia, and there's a silver Cayenne I have seen many times with the number plate VAG 420. This is a standard combination (i.e non custom) and I crack a smile every time I see it. I wonder if the owner knows...
  8. Don't adverise you smoke on the back of your car. Sometimes I wish there was a smiley of a guy facepalming on this site need that emoticon so much sometimes.

  9. Yea my thoughts, kinda askin to be pulled over, especially with loud music emitting from the car, "yea theyre baked" :smoking:
  10. I was going to get the license plate ALLEGAL (all legal) for my car like a year ago. I kept getting pulled over for my tint (illegal tint, have a rx which makes it legal) and my plan was to tell the cop when I got pulled over "didn't you read my license plate?" Plus it would work out good if I got my med card and got pulled over while riding dirty. Ended up say f it though because they cost more
  11. funniest ive ever seen was 'sup duu'
  12. haahahahahah

  13. Yea not very likely...:D

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