Libor and Worldwide Banking System

Discussion in 'General' started by architoker, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. i'm sure there are some threads already out on this... but if this hasn't started to become common knowledge then i'm a little unsure of what the people of the world find important.... :p

    Elizabeth Warren On Libor: 'Go Get 'Em'

    more to come....
  2. The more the people knew about this, the faster the corruption would fall, hence, chaos.

    The media keeps a good job at keeping this behind close doors, cause they are ALL in the pockets of big banking as it is.

    Can't bite the hand that feeds you....

  3. the hand doesn't deserve to decide what i can and can't eat, nor when. :wave:

    FOR NOW the media is keeping this under wraps. but over the last few weeks you're starting to see more and more disclosure and coverage of events that have, up until now, not been known by a majority of people.

  4. I don't find money that important.

  5. me neither :)

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