Liberty haze

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  1. I want to know if anyone here has experience with this strain?
    I've heard some bad stories about flowering stage, and even the germination.
    I have 1 liberty haze and 1 Skywalker og, as well as whatever 2 freebies they decided to send.

    If the strains shit, I'll throw it in my seed storage as a last resort ( right next to a green poision lol )
    I also want to give the Skywalker my best, so I'm not trying to have a shitty strain get stuck in flower while my others going good. ( exactlty what I heard about liberty)

    Much love!

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  2. I honestly have no idea where the Haze genetics even come into the picture here. "Haze" varieties are any of a handful of different varieties grown and bred by the Haze brothers in Corralito, California in the very early to mid 70's. These strains were ALL old school equatorial landrace Sativas - mostly from Columbia & Mexico; 100% Sativa. A true Haze will flower anywhere from 16 weeks on the low end and up to 28 weeks.

    To have anything with Haze in its name that flowers for less than 16 weeks is simply preposterous.

    From "Leafly" - their description of Liberty Haze -

    "Liberty Haze is the winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup and quickly became popular for its fast flowering time and unique taste. Barney’s Farm created this strain by breeding G13 with Chemdawg, the latter of which is known for its quick flowering time. Liberty Haze picked up these traits and this medium tall, bushy plant matures in 8-9 weeks.

    8-9 weeks? Man, who was it that had the balls to add "Haze" to this varieties name?? Now, the G13 roots do come from Sativa stock, if I remember correctly it was Durban & Hawaiian but I ddon't believe it to be Haze at all.

    I had to get tha out of my system. I have a great respect for the Haze brothers and the work they did with TRUE Sativa's. The 8-9 weeks thing with the Liberty just doesn't sit right.

    Ive posted this recently but imo this is a "must-read" for anyone interested in the Haze varieties:

    The Haze story and more. Warning: very long read - Romania - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    I think the best achievement to come out of the Haze varieties came in the late 80's, and this was the infamous "Haze (A) X Northern Lights #5", which has been used in an incredible amount of breeding stock since then. This is the description from the 1989 advertisement Neville made in "The Seed Bank" catalog:

    "HAZE X NL#5
    1989 - Due to tremendous customer demand, we have spent years searching for a superb Sativa/Indica hybrid that is suited for indoor growing but still retains the unique sativa qualities in the high. The Haze X NL#5 hybrid is the result of this search. A note of warning: Adverse effects have been known to occur among inexperienced smokers, particularly when combined with alcohol. Side effects may include nausea, dizzyness, fainting and loss of bowel and bladder control. Extreme introspective behavior is considered norma

    I've been lucky enough to have been able to grow the NL5xHaze and it's pretty amazing… Not like so many varieties out there today. It's a variety that requires patience, though… LOL

    OP, what horror stories have you heard about the liberty variety? Just curious…

  3. Liberty haze is one of my fav strains to smoke although ive head it can be a bitch to grow. Defo worth it tho when done
  4. Thats what first threw me off. Such a quick flower time for a haze. So once I started to look into growing reviews of the strain, multiple people had problems with the flowering stalling out for like 3 weeks or just completely stopping all together. The few times I did run into someone who got through it and made it to harvest, was usually around the 14 week mark.

    Also, hear a lot of hit or miss with germination. I'm curious to follow through with it at some point, but not when I'm gonna be growing 2 different strains in 1 tent. It's to skeptical with the flowering , when my Skywalker will take around 9. Then I'm gonna have 2 ready to go into the tent right behind that so an extra few weeks might not work for me .

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  5. The liberty is doing well . About 2 to 3 weeks out from harvest now. Definitely not 8 week strain more like 11 or 12

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