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  1. anybody growing liberty haze? dying for inpput.:D
  2. It's supposed to be half a chem dog, sounds like it should be good. Problem being that Barney's put it might have a better product with another companies similar strain. Barney's has some kind of hand in wallet syndrome that makes for too new releases, too high a hermie potential, and lots of lying and product pushing. I don't really have, store or grow out any of Barney's stuff anymore. They pissed me off too many times. Just my old lady 2 cents.
  3. well, thanks for the reply. i'm always wary of product descriptions,hence my inquery. i just happen to be growing my first selection from barney's. red dragon. 4 out of 5 are the sativa dominant pheno and are doing well. the one i topped is off the hook! the indica dominant pheno just fizzled and is pretty pathetic. red dragon drew my attention as this is the year of the dragon,chinese calender. stoner way to pick strains:D:wave:
  4. Keep an eye on the ones in mid to late flower, they will throw pollen, check them daily and get your tweezers out :D

    I've done the same thing a million times...I think I just got too old to do it well, and too many plants to depend on the method.

    Love the stoner logic on picking them!!!

  5. Im 57 days into flower with my liberty haze. Do you have the seeds already?
  6. I'm about to run these in coco hoping not to get some 13 week bullshit, a problem i've experienced with all my recent haze strains... Been mostly sticking to my kushes, hope this is a good round for haze sake!:smoke:

  7. Run all your seeds and get rid of any that arent flowering after 14 days of 12/12. There are some long flowerin lh phenos out there. I have a fast flowering lh pheno that is close to finishing, im at day 57. Got her on 10/14 and sunpulse 10k mh uva finishing bulbs and straight water. Smells like limes.
  8. no seeds yet, looking for next years strains. i do outdoor only anymore. i live in an arid zone and was interested in the genetics of l.h. need stuff that finishes by mid october as the weather turns to crap and the cover thins out.

  9. Its hard to say if lib haze would be a good choice for outdoor because its new and going with sagamartha seeds early riser for my next year outdoor project. All there strains are high quality. Ive grown there bubbleberry and western winds. Early riser was developed for outdoor and finishes mid september.
  10. Does anyone have pictures of their Liberty Haze grow? I really need to gather some info on this strain.
  11. heres what i know
    it is a cross of chem 91 x g13 haze. finish time 8-9 wks

    there is also deadhead og from the cali connection it is chem 91 x sfv og. finish time 8 wks

    sounds like 8-9 weeks should be a good harvest time
  12. Here's some pics of Liberty Haze at day 61. They will still need at least 2 more weeks. Quite a bummer.

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  13. I've got one 10th day. Growing pretty quick under fluoros

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  14. Here are some pics of the Liberty haze right before they came down. Ran then out to 75 days flower. 65 gr from each one but with more light this could have easily went to 100gr.

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  15. I got one free Liberty Haze with my Barney order. The dang thing come up and it did a U-turn with the leaves pointing down for some reason. I staked it up and it quickly recovered and is doing well now. Though behind my other plants because of that it is still about 4" tall and taking off. I'm growing it outdoors in Miracle Grow dirt.

    Since it was a reject that recovered I look forward to this single plant I have of that variety.
  16. I got 5 seeds and started one and gave two to a friend.  He has two phenotypes, one short and bushy and one tall with lots of stem.  Mine is the tall phenotype.  She is the stretchest plant I've ever grown.  She is about a month in bloom now.  She is in a two gallon grow gag of Fox Farms Ocean and Forest with about 20% Happy Frog and 30% of the total  mix is pearlite.  She is under a Inda-gro Pro 200 PAR induction growlight.
  17. I'm growing libery haze and I think if anyone stresses the branches on this one they are going to see that this strain loves to be stressed. I have one that has six main braches that split off 7 inches above the dirt, each branch is 4 ft tall, each with there one branches that are 2 ft long. Down side is having to tie them up because the bigger the plant gets the smaller the branches become. So they need support but they are very explosive when stressed
  18. 57 days exactly! She's almost done ....
    She's been absolutely easy!
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