Liberty Haze in soil with CFLs

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  1. I began germinating some Liberty Haze seeds i bought from Barney's Farm 4 days ago. I used a Jiffy peat seed starter, and it worked well, but it isn't as convenient at the paper towel method. I am using Fox Farm organic soil, and I am using CFLs.  Today, day 5, my plant, named Sprout, is poking up just barely. I have him on a 20/4 cycle. This is my first grow that isn't "bag seeds", and I am super nervous!!! Any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to leave below!  

  2. Hi, I'll be along for the ride, get some pics up of sprout lol, like to see or setup.
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    Day 6, no change, but i'll post some pics. Keep in mind that it is a stealth grow, so it's not fancy haha 140123-121025.jpg 140123-120957.jpg
  4. Hey, I'm thinkin maybe it might have a slow start as or using soil with nutes inn., for the future bro let your seedling/clones root and get other 3rd stages of leaves before notes are introduced, a rooting hormone will do just fine.
    Looking forward to seeing the progress over the weeks.
  5. So should I have used a different soil first? Or what do you mean?
  6. I think you're fine with the FF, if you added any nutes, then that's not ok, but an organic soil with no added nutes is completely fine...what wattage of CFLs are you using? How far away is it? How moist did you keep it?
  7. It's FF straight from the bag. I'm using a ~42W 6500K CFL, and the light is about 4 inches from the top of the soil.
  8. And I keep it pretty wet, but I've read so much about over watering that I don't want to water too much. I use a spray bottle of water and generally spray it until it is soaked, but I havent used a  half a liter on it in 3 days.
  9. liberty haze as i have been seeing frequently has a tendency to go hermie and that same common pheno causes them to take weeks longer to finish in flower...
    not trying to knock it (I ordered 2 Liberty haze beans but I have been hesitant to plant them for those above reasons)
    Have fun!
  10. Even if it is a hermie it's ok, I just want it to grow haha. It'll give me a bunch of female seeds if it's a hermie right?
  11. So after some research, I have concluded the problem probably lies in my germination medum: the Jiffy peat pellets. Many people have experienced issues with the pellets stunting growth due to how quickly the pellets dry out and the netting around the sides. On account even reported the pellets are a bit alkaline for germination. Hindsight is 20/20.
  12. half animal is correct ff is ok, but its well known that seedling really dont need any nutes, optimal results just using potting soil in a small plastic party cupp. 
  13. hey a few seedling tips... though it seems as though you have learned jiffi aren't the best way to go
    some or all of this is known by you already (its all been written by someone before I'm sure)
    but seeds are hard to come by and expensive
    So here's my tips
    *knock on wood* I have like a next to no fail rate at cracking shells
    I take good bottled spring water (180ppm last i checked the brand I use)
    I wrap my seeds in a paper towel (folded up like an accordion)
    then I get the towel damp, ( I actually get it dripping wet then I squeeze it a bit)
    then I drink the rest of the water 
    I shove the towel into the the now empty bottle, Put the lid on
    toss that into the corner of tent (if you have a good Scrog/cannopy already going you can put it under that)
    ***( I find diluted light helps em crack)***
    For a medium I use either cheap viragrow (orange bag soil) from home depot or straight (flushed coco)
    container--Dixi cup with 2-3 vertical slices put into the cup
    make your medium damp not soaked
    (I also use a heat mat for the first 7-10 days)
    I check the paper towel every 24 hrs and
    I plant as soon as seeds crack (1/4 inch down)
    I generally will uncover the soil to the top of the seed after 24hrs like this if it hasn't poked out of the soil.
    I will also carefully remove the shell if it isn't coming off quickly.
    and I don't feed for 2 weeks (with soil) from the day the shell falls off.
    then 1/4 strength on up from there)
    for watering seedlings as I said above don't make your soil wet just damp (wet will discourage root growth)
    you want the plant making roots and looking for water.
    I give small amounts of water (increasing marginally day by day)
    I put my fingers over the open end of a water bottle and add just a few drops (ounce) of water right on the babies
    (your fingers should be on the bottle and right above the top of your seedling slowly dribbling out water; keeping the water from crushing her.
    I transplant from the dixicup when I can see roots near the bottom through the slits I made in the side of the cups
    Also If  you use a heat mat you will know when your kid has roots to the bottom of the cup. You will begin to see leaf shrivel and down curl (due to the increased heat from the mat) this is a clear sign they are ready to get transed.
    there ya go, enjoy never failing again   :yay:  (I'm a douche) :hide:
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  14. Well there is, in fact, something green poking through. Green = Life correct?
  15. yes expose the little thing a bit and put a few drops directly on top. that will help it crack the shell if its still going
    but yes green is good
  16. It can take up to a week to break soil and as little as 2 days. As you found out those pellets suck, next time go from paper towel to plastic disposable cups filled with an organic soil. One designed for seedlings (no or very little nutrients) works best. After about two weeks or so in the cups transplant to larger pots for veg. I like to us ; gallon fabric pot for veg and 6 gallon for flower. The plants need no nutrients added for the trust few weeks after that start at 1/; strength and increase until full strength. Also don't soak the plants, keep the moist but not wet. Overwatering promotes root rot and kills them. As long as the medium is not bone dry they will be fine.
    How many grows gave you finished? With thus being your first no bag seed grow I would suggest you purchase a book or two on growing. Ed Rothensals and Jorge Cervantes both Lettie great books that will teach you everything you need to know to produce quality pot. The improvement in growing will pay for the books plus some. The money spent will be spent wisely on the books. Nothing helps more than knowledge plus all the answers are at your finger tips, no need to post a question to have to hope you get a response with the answer.
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    By the way I started 9 strains recently myself. Liberty Haze us one of them and broke soils two days ago. The rest of mine are about a week older than it. I will follow to see how your compare to mine. If you gave question feel free to ask.
  18. I have my first two leaves :) pics will come soon!
  19. to answer your questions, i have grown 2 reggie plants. I appreciate your help, and I will be sure to obtain those books as finances allow.  Do you have an online journal I can follow for your lib haze?
  20. You might want to get some more lights on it. Looks like you only got one right now

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