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Libertarians and Independent thinkers are mentally ill

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Libertarian Advocate: Independent Thinkers Are Mentally Ill ???? - WTF ????

    Stigmatizing Resistance to Authority : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
    According to the Government 32.4 of Americans have a mental illness thats 75 million Americans!!! This is how they will strip you of your rights and strip you of your dignity! Who listens or argues with a crazy person?

    Anyways see ya'll in the loony bin! :cool:
  2. lool

    fuckin psychiatrists man

  3. We are now 3 generations past this prediction, and it just keeps getting worse.
  4. "In a mad world only the mad are sane"
  5. Well clearly if you don't hate rich people and/or feel victimized by them there is something wrong with you.

    We ALL know that.
  6. Personally, I never claimed I was mentally sound.

    I'm not mentally 'ill' but I'm not normal.
  7. Keep the prozac, I only takes what ends in 'done' 'one' or 'ine'
  8. some scary shit, but they kinda did this with a lot of mental disorders already like add, adhd, dare i say depression?
  9. im never taking any flu shots at no walgreens & the last time i saw the doctor was when I got bit by a spider while trailwalking.
  10. And they wonder why I'm against government-sponsored mental evaluations to exercise rights...
  11. "Big pharma does not create cures, they create customers"

    Big Pharma has its hand in just about every social remedial process, program, industry. Psychiatrists will also tell you you're crazy for smoking weed (Some will) & even go to the extent of providing a pharmacological drug to "cure you" lol. This is sad, especially when big Pharma and government practically are buddies. Some of us can be pointed at by these officials to have "ODD" - How absurd.

    So, magna carta feudal land lords just got together and decided they didnt like the king - I can discredit this because it was just a disorder right?

    What about the founding fathers who didnt like the authoritarian rule of the monarchy of england? I guess we can just discredit them since it's a "disorder" now. Good to know they were just messed up in the head
  12. While trying to verify the claims made in the OP it became clear the DSM is deserving of severe ridicule. Take it's inherent flaws and combine that with the fact that the DSM has a substantial influence on our lives.

    Just the tip of the iceberg:
    DSM: Diagnosing for Money and Power, Summary of the Critique of the DSM, offered by Zur Institute for Psychologists, MFTs, SWs, Nurses and Counselors

    Fact: Homosexuality used to be considered a mental disorder by the DSM.

    I encourage everyone to do at least a little research on the DSM.

    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Yeah, hold onto your hats.

    Wasn't the Soviet Union the latest regime that used mental illness as one way of removing dissidents? Powerful shit.

    The government/media/academic/medical complex are all working hand-in-hand to promote the religion of state. Heretics must be silenced or removed. And the duped American masses will always buy into it.

    All these invented illnesses and disorders I see in recent years -- with many young people on this forum claiming to have them -- are just paving the way for the boot on our collective necks. And, of course, new mental illnesses is job security for head-shrinkers so their incentive is to always create and justify new ones.

    I'm glad I'm as old as I am. :( You young peeps are in for a world of shit.
  14. From what I read of ODD on its wikipedia article, it seems like the intentions of whoever is trying to add this disorder to the list might be alright. It is generally talking about 2-3 year old children, not fully formed adults.

    I'm more worried about how sooner or later everything that makes us different will be classified as a disorder and require some kind of medication or therapy to "resolve".

    Internet Affects Brain Development - Business Insider

    There are a lot of things that people don't tend to think about when we talk about psychology. The television has been around for 100 years give or take, and we are still arguing about its effects for 2 reasons. 100 years isn't long enough to produce reliable results with lifetime brain development studies over many generations AND our culture has become so saturated with televisions that it would be hard to find a control group. The internet is the new television in that it transfers information faster than televised broadcasting did/does, and it is also changing how our brain develops.

    The psychiatry industry in this nation is definitely fucked. I went out with a girl who had been diagnosed with many mental illnesses (at the time I didn't know that, boy was this relationship a mistake), and the stories she told me were fucked. Just the fact that someone who is mentally ill could see a psychologist, bleed their heart out to them for hours a week, and then go see a psychiatrist for five minutes, a different person who only asks about symptoms, and be prescribed medication. In every other industry when you run into a problem you try to find the root cause of it and fix it that way. In the psychiatric industry you find the root problem, ignore it, and treat the symptoms.

    Sorry for the long rant! I just think there are better things to be worried about in the field of psychology than the addition of a disorder for defiant 2-3 year olds.

    Eugenics in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I know this isn't exactly related, but I think it is a good example of how something ridiculous can become popular. The people of our nation, before WWII, were largely in favor of practicing eugenics. Nobody seems to remember that, for some reason... We also don't use lobotomies or shock therapy anymore, either, more fads.
  15. But totalitarian trends usually start out seemingly harmless -- and in the beginning the intentions may be exactly that. Who could object to a young child getting medical help?

    Then it expands, slowly but surely, to encompass anyone the state sees as an enemy.
  16. Right OK lets compromise. How about people with mental illness can't buy guns? Sounds fair right?

    Then they change mentally.ill to mean anyone who isn't a member of ruling party.

    The only phesable gun control is no gun control at all. No background checks nothing.

    Criminals Ans governments are afraid of good men with guns

  17. This is the message I am trying to get across you are not dealing with people who want to compromise. They want to take your rights away because they think that the vast majority of humanity must be controlled for its own good. They will do whatever it takes to get there and they will not stop. THERE IS NO COMPROMISE!

  18. to me, treating defiant children as metally disabled is much more scary than treating adults, adults, generally speaking have the ability to decide NOT to use medication, but if you convince them that their children NEED this drug then children can do little to nothing to defend themselves, i saw this hoodie online that i really want when i can afford it because it describes shit pretty well with a picture of people of all ages and the drugs they have to take: Drug - Free Hoodie from

    im off to do some studying being that this threads got some useful shit in it
  19. I agree with your points about treating children. I was writing my previous comments through the eyes of the duped masses.

    There are way, way too many invented diseases and disorders nowadays, and we see a lot of them right here on GC as I mentioned previously.

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