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  1. My neighbors are devoted Democrats. They stopped by with their 6 year old daughter a couple weeks ago and we all got to talking.

    The little girl proudly announced "When I grow up, I am going to be President!"

    I responded "That's wonderful! What will you do when you become President?"

    "Well," she said "I am going to make sure all the homeless people have houses to live in!"

    To that I answered "Well, that is a wonderful idea. But, why wait until you are President. I'll tell you what, come over to my house
    and I will pay you $50 to cut my lawn, pull the weeds, and rake up the clippings. Then, we can go down to town and you can give the
    $50 to the first homeless person we see."

    At this point, her parents are glaring at me...

    The little girl seemed lost in thought for a few moments, and then said "Why don't you just hire the homeless person to come do the
    work and earn the money themselves?"

    I answered, "Congratulations, you're going to be a Republican!" [​IMG]

    They haven't been back since...
  2. Lol that's pretty funny, but I think I'd rather hire a Mexican to mow my lawn than a homeless person.

    Nothing racist about that, I just think they do a better job. :smoking:
  3. haha, thats epic.
  4. Bump for some good shit.
  5. God I hope thats true...
  6. this is awesome! I hate being a republican, but c'mon how can you not be? If the libertarians ever have a chance at political power i'm there, but for the time being im republican ride or die.
  7. lol that was pretty funny
  8. Haha, funny story. But would the average citizen really go downtown, find a homeless man and offer him 50 dollars to mow the lawn? I think not. If a homelass man showed up on the average citizen's door and offered to mow the lawn for 50 dollars, would she let him? I think not.

    Unfortunately, charity has to be forced on most people
  9. Well played

    Too bad that doesn't describe liberals in any way, shape or form
  10. conservatives smoke weed? does that even fall under the definition of conservative?
  11. Also, without liberals we'd all be still ruled by kings and monarchs and democracy wouldn't even be a word in the english language
  12. True conservatives would repeal prohibition laws, if that says anything...
  13. Just as likely as a true conservative allowing a woman the right of choice. :rolleyes:
  14. I have no problems with most liberals, except bleeding hearts and extremists, but I would consider myself more to the right of the spectrum, although I do have some somewhat liberal views... but god damnit, i'm so sick of the liberals trying to make us conservatives feel guilty about being conservative. It's truly ridiculous; I don't give them shit about all their failures, but every time someone hears republican, they're just like "george bush sucks." Ok, real intelligent argument, can you tell me why gb sucks. "uhh, he started a war." Yea ok, HE started the war.
  15. well the little girl, much like republicans, has failed to see the big picture.
  16. I'd say failing to see the big picture is the entire governments' problem. Liberals want everything to be politically correct and everyone to have the same rights, but fail to see the costs of it, both monetarily and otherwise. And republicans constantly demand lower taxes, even when the government is in such huge debt. (just two little examples, of course)
  17. Conservatives aren't all bigoted or anti-drugs. That's like saying that all liberals smoke and are athiest. :rolleyes:

    I fall under conservative if only because I almost entirely disagree with the liberal economic agenda. However, to call me a true conservative would be false, because I completely disagree with their social agenda. In the end, I just pick and choose, but whatever party happens to have the most points that I agree with, I'll stand with for now.

    Of course I could just join the libertarian party, but like that's ever going to happen...

  18. Yes, they would.

    I hate it when reps call themselves conservative when they support prohibition and anti abortion.
  19. that's me right there...but even though there may never be a libertarian president I still identify myself as a libertarian. Hopefully someday I can move to a country with a less fucked up government. if that even exists....

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