Lhs Auctioning All Wraps, Cones And Cigars.

Discussion in 'General' started by OOTROLLOO, May 31, 2013.

  1. The list is as follows:

     <span>01) RoDawg 5-pack hemp paper cones x8 (40 total cones)
    <span>02) Kingpin 3-pack Bahama Mama wraps x24 (72 total wraps)

    <span>03) Kingpin 3-pack Liquid Honey wraps x17 (51 total wraps)
    04) Kingpin 3-pack Cherry Bon Bon wraps x27 (81 total wraps)
    05) Kingpin 3-pack Spanish Fly wraps x10 (30 total wraps)
    06) Kingpin 3-pack Blueberry Bomb x23 (69 total wraps)
    07) Kingpin 3-pack Goomba Grape x30 (90 total wraps)
    08) Kingpin Citrus Cigarillos x47 
    09) Kingpin Strawberry Kiwi Cigarillos x19
    10) Kingpin Watermelon Cigarillos x37
    11) Juicy 1-pack Peanut Butter & Jelly wraps x25 (unopened box)
    12) Juicy 1-pack Peanut Butter & Jelly wraps x17
    13) Juicy 2-pack Strawberry Fields wraps x2 (4 total wraps)
    14) Juicy 2-pack Tequilla Gold wraps x1 (2 total wraps)
    15) Juicy 2-pack Blunt & Mild wraps x3 (6 total wraps)
    16) Juicy 2-pack Brass Monkey wraps x6 (18 total wraps)
    17) Cyclone XtraSlo Wolverine cone x24 (24 total cones)
    18) Cyclone XtraSlo Mayhem cone x12 (12 total cones)
    19) Cyclone Supreme Nos+ cone x23 (23 total cones)
    20) Juicy Blunts 8-pack Peach wraps x2 (16 total wraps)
    21) Juicy Jones 2-pack Blackberry cones x5 (10 total cones)
    22) Zig-Zag 2-pack Melon wraps x1 (2 total wraps)
    23) Zig-Zag 2-pack Orange wraps x2 (4 total wraps)
    24) Zig-Zag 2-pack Cherry wraps x9 (18 total wraps)
    25) Zig-Zag 2-pack Blueberry wraps x6 (12 total wraps)
    26) Zig-Zag 2-pack Peach wraps x8 (16 total wraps)
    27) Zig-Zag 2-pack Apple wraps x10 (20 total wraps)
    28) Zig-Zag 2-pack Straight-up wraps x30 (60 total wraps)

    Around 700 wraps and cones in all. Total retail value is around $775</span></span></span>


    I'm thinking about bidding on these, the current bid is only $115 and the auction ends at 10PM tonight.

    What do you guys think? What would your blades' top bids be? What would you do with all of those goodies? Give them away as gifts? Or hoard them for your own?
  2. $250-300 max. Sell some, smoke some, giveaway some
  3. Bump

    I'm gonna put a bid in at $140 :cool:
  4. dunno, I'd be looking at it as how much do I want to sell em for not how much I wanna buy em... wraps.. lol
  5. 1 hour left in the auction...

    The highest bid is $155.
    I'm gonna wait until it's about over to bid again. :devious:
  6. I just won it at $200 even. :cool:

    WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! I'm set for a loooong time!
  7. send your boy some rillos :smoking:
  8. Dude, Congrats.
  9. Actually one of my old dealers in high school bought an insane amount like this on Ebay and gave them to people with their bud. Made him a hugely popular dealer hahaha
  10. Hahaha what flavor you like?

    <3 your sig btw. 

    "Don't be afraid to care."

    I'm gonna listen to that album front to back as soon as I can find some ganja.
  11. I'm eyeing the watermelon :D
    front to back? if you got it on vinyl i'll supply the ganj :smoking:
  12. I actually do have the LP! But no player...I'll have to see if my grandpa still has his lying around sometime.

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