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  1. any LGBT blades/bladies out there? Just wanted to say hi :)
    I'm bi, myself ! new to GC.  :wave:

  2. I'm a deviant homosexual myself ;)

    I like the vagina
  3. Hey, hey, hey I'm bisexual to.
  4. A little more open than bi. Not ready to commit to pansexual.
  5. I'n gay, but probably more of a transvestite. :smoking:
  6. What does this mean? You feel like you should have been born a woman? 
  7. do you identify as a woman? / want to identify as a woman? 
  8. Bisexual here!
    Not just the bi-curious kind either, but the kind that seeks certain qualities in people regardless of sex or gender.
  9. It means I like to be pretty like a girl and dress like one too sometimes. I would havw probably prefered to be born a girl, but whatever. :bongin:
  10.   :metal:
    right on dude
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  12. Hey baby :ey:
  13. I'm a member of the Boy's Club!  Welcome to Grass City!
  14. Pansexual, and I'm in a normal ass het relationship. Go me. lol
  15. Homosexual who enjoys boobs and vagina.
  16. not gay, but i totally support homosexually, love is love man, it's not up to you who you fall in love with!
  17. Eh I'm bi, but I prefer women. I'm only attracted to men sexually and that's it, but with a woman its an emotional and sexual attraction.

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