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  1. In the market for a new handset. My razr maxx was good to me for a couple years, but the thousandth drop to the ground I gave it finally cracked the screen, plus my contract is up.  Wondering if any blades own the G3 or have had extensive use with it. If so, what's your honest opinion?

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    G3's are dope. Spec wise, theyre supposed to be monsters compared to everything else.

    Personally, i went with the s5. Idk if other androids, but it has this "Ultra power saving" feature that makes the screen go black and white, turns off all backgtound apps, and does a couple of other things. My phone has been on 10% at 10 pm and was at 3% at 4am. That option is epic.

    The htc m8 is pretty cool too. You really cant go wrong with any of the latest android phones
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  3. I've had the G3 for a few weeks now and I definitely like it. It's processing time is quick and I haven't had many software problems. It's pretty good on power saving, but it doesn't have the same features as the Samsung.
    They're both great phones. I went with the more user friendly phone. The Samsung is great if you love to customize the hell out of your phone. 
    Let me know if what you want to know. The youtube reviews on this are pretty good and I'm sure I can fill in any gaps.
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  4. Nice, good to hear you're satisfied with your purchase. I'm very close to pulling the trigger and placing an order. Just want to hear what my fellow blades got to say. The consensus of the reviews i'v read so far are good. I don't see too many people complaining. One thing I love about my razr maxx is the massive battery and the G3 is definitely comparable at 3,000mAh. The only thing that worries me is the size. At 5.5 inches this thing will be a monster compared to my razr but perhaps i'll get used to it.
  5. ^From my experience, ive found that everyone complains abiut big screens until they own one for a month. Then, they find that all other phones are way too small lol. Only exception would be for people with small hands, and even then many of them are still cool with it.

    Source for my info: i worked at best buy as a full time associate in the mobile phone dept.
  6. I'm sure i'll get over the size. Only reason I'm concerned is because I'v played around with my co-workers note and it's way too big to work with one hand comfortably. I by no means have small hands. Plus he looks funny holding that brick to his face. Although he does have a thick case on it giving the damn thing another half inch.
  7. I have an LG G2 that I have had for just over a year and I have loved it. Great phone, that at the time had some of the top specs. The one thing the phone sold me on was it's battery. The 3000 MAH battery is amazing. I've played around with the G3 and it's even better. I'd say get the phone for sure. The back buttons will seem wired for maybe a day then you will realize how much better it really is to have the buttons on the back.
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  8. Got this phone on the first day it came out for a special promotion price of $99. Awesome screen, great picture quality, vids look sharp.

    Ill let everyone argue about Iphone 6 and Samsung Note 4/S5...LG made a winner with this phone. So glad on this upgrade..
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