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    there are many great graphic artists here @ GC.
    and i was wondering if someone could design a twitter background for me.

    what i wanted was a green lanterned inspired background, with a comic book feel.

    i look at myspaces like "http://www.myspace.com/officialmegaman" and i think man thats cool, i wish there was a greenlantern thing but for twitter..

    if anyone wants to do this, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    pm me for more deets i guess
  2. Just putting this in my subscribed folder for now so I can see if I can get to this later. :)

    (Checkout my twitter to see if you like the background I made. www.twitter.com/skoolyardmafia)
  4. start paying people for their service and maybe you'll get more answers my good man. time is money as they say and a service is a service whether its your boiler being fixed, getting a blowjob or doing art. offer up some cash i'm sure you'll get more hits

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