leves folding inward??? help...

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  1. i have 6 plants in a flood and drain under a 400 MH bulb. the temps are 74-85 degrees humidity is about 42-55%. they are almost 4 weeks old and about 7 inches tall. the light sits about 12 inches from the plant tops. PPM is about 400, which will be changed up to 600 tonight. two of the plant leaves are kind of coming inward, almost like a venus fly trap if you can imagine that. they seem a little dry. does anyone know what is wrong with my girls? the two that are like this are feminized white berry from paradise seeds. could this just be genetic? thanks for the help folks....
  2. if you cant post pics........

    heat stress & extreme lows in humidity can also cause the leaf margins to curl inwards, raise your lites 6-10 inches & put a wet towel in front of the fan to raise the humidity

    or, look for a lighting in color between the viens of the leaf, this is a magnesium def,

    add 1 teaspoon of epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) to a litre of water & water your plants.
  3. ill raise the lights some and try the towel in front of the osc. fan. i do remember that in between the veins the leaves are slightly yellow, i keep my resevoir at the ten gallon mark constantly so how much epsom salt should i add per gallon? the pics are gonna be hard to get cause i have to use another computer to post because mine at home has no internet. thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.
  4. Before you adjust your res, do this.....

    mix 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salts to a litre of water and spray the leaves, undersides of leaves aswell, twice daily for a couple days , foliar feeding magnesium works
  5. whats the ph? could be ph leaf twisting/curling/nute lock out
  6. pH is about 6.0, alright ill try the spray for a couple days then go on from there
  7. 6.0 is not so bad.....5.5-5.8 PH is optimum for hydro

    foliar feed & maybe bump your PPM's a bit, considering there is some clorosis starting

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