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Letting The Joint/Blunt Burn

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shankmasterflex, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. How long do you guys think it's chill to let a joint burn while holding it in the circle? a few seconds? a minute?
    Also same question for a blunt. Me and my buddies always go super fast but i feel like we must be able to go a little more lenient without wasting too much greenery.
  2. let it chill as little as possible, its wasting smoke
  3. if someone came in my circle and sat there holding a burning blunt for over 20 seconds then i would say they forfeit their hit.
  4. *throws flag* 20 second idle! 10 yard penalty and forfeit of hit!

    ahahah for some reason thats hilarious to meh xD
  5. HAHAHA... if someone told me i had to forfeit a hit cuz i accidentally held it too long i would slap them.

    While smoking a blunt / joint in a circle its always good to do the puff puff pass rule only taking two hits before passing. The time between hits could vary up to 20 seconds but longer than that its called babysitting a blunt. I wont make anyone forfeit a hit but i will crack a joke at them.

    ME: "hey, are you getting paid"
    THEM: "for what?"
    ME: "for babysitting the blunt"
  6. ^^lol
  7. If you hold the blunt for over 20 seconds your not going home alive.
  8. Around my circles, you never just chill with it. There's no reason to. You stop your story, or whatever, take your hit, and pass it. Resume speaking. You're allowed to be idle for as long as it takes to say "One sec," or "Hold on, let me hit this". I mean, if you have a totally valid reason for idling, thats one thing. But usually there's no reason to. Keep it going, and finish your story after you hit it. Then resume after you pass and exhale.

    "Don't bogart that joint, my friend" is all the reminder you get before you start getting dirty looks and that kinda shit gets chaulked up in the memory bank.
  9. it's best to keep it to a minimum, but it doesn't need to be like a game of hot potato or anything
  10. only chill when everyone has had enough for the moment being...doesnt happen often...u gotta kill the roaches...shotguns 4tw
  11. I hate when people hold on to the joint. My husband is really bad at this and I've wanted to slap him numerous time for it. He likes to take his hit, hold it for 10 sec, exhale THEN passes the joint. I tell him all the time to hurry up but he never passes until after he exhales. He bases how good his hits are on how much smoke he exhales. If he exhales and doesn't think he got enough then he will take his hit again. Usually by this point im leaning over his hand trying to take in whats burning off the joint XD
  12. I really despise people who chill on the blunt for too long. I remember growing up there was this kid who would take a small pull, let it go down to his side, take another small pull, let it go down to his side, and repeat like 10 times, and when he would finally exhale, he would say, "that was only one hit!"
    Then he thought he was entitled to doing the same thing AGAIN. Needless to say, we stopped hanging out with this kid. He was a waste of weed :smoking:
  13. The situation determines what is acceptable or not. But there is no need to intentionally let the joint or blunt rest once lit. I mean if you all are taking huge pulls and then passing the jay at olympic relay speed, and then getting the jay back to you before you've even finished exhaling, then yes; You should slow down just a bit. ;)
  14. It's not like a math equation. You take your 2 hits and pass it around. Don't let it sit and burn, but there's no need to rush it either. Try to get as much out of it as you can though.

    But of course, letting a blunt/joint just sit and burn is a total waste. Only time I find it acceptable to let a blunt/joint sit and burn for a bit is if you are hotboxing a car/room. The smoke that you let sit will end up being inhaled and not just going off into the abyss if you are in a small enough room. Cars are always the best to hotbox in though.
  15. Idk i usuallu chill with it if im holding it out foe someone and they dont take it, or i take a sip of water, or im coughing, but usually not more then 30 or so seconds if im with a group. By myself, who cares, ill put it out and go to the bathroom.
  16. puff, puff, pass....

    as long as it was 2 exhails, this kid wouldnt have any probems with me or my circle of friends....
  17. It's not even that, its that he would chill on the blunt FOR SO FUCKING LONG.
    You will not understand unless you hung out with this kid. I mean, have you ever hung out with a kid that has just not let go of a blunt like it was his baby?

    This kid also was an asshole, so that contributed as to why it got on my nerves so much :rolleyes:
  18. #18 T.Serpovich, Jun 4, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2009
    buy a bowl

    it solves such conundrums

  19. Normally I hate letting the blunt or joint just idle, and everyone in my group follows like a silent rule about holding the blunt or joint. I smoke with a guy ho who likes to take 5 hits a person and chills with the blunt all the time. He says not to rush him, he's got plenty more weed and blunt wraps. Hes a good guy though and with some sick connections so we don't bother him about it because he's always down to roll another
  20. arite so it sounds like we're doing it a little bit rushed but not by alot. thanks for the help guys.
    i was mostly wondering if it wastes alot (obviously i wouldn't want to ginea pig a blunt hahah) and now i know it does.
    we do puff puff pass, or triple puff pass, i just hate the kids who take FOREVER to fuckin pass it. like jesus you took the hit pass it, you don't need blunt in hand to exhale ferchrissake.

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