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    Bagseed planted deep in a forest, checked on once a month or so. Germinated at home, planted, added some fertilizer and here they are. Planted in late May. I don't think they look too bad for a first outdoor unsupervised grow. I'm just hoping to luckily catch all the males because I only check on em once a month. My goal is to get above 4 ounces :D

    Tell me what you guys think.

    EDIT: I meant to ask a question but forgot haha. I planted roughly about May 20th, and there are no buds developing yet. I live in Indiana so for those of you who have growing experience could you give me a rough estimate of the date which I will be able to tell male from female? I don't have a microscope, best I have is a magnifying glass if that helps. Also, could someone tell me the date around which I will most likely want to harvest (I heard there is a peak time for plants and then you also have to definitely harvest before frost or something). Any guidance would be helpful.






    Here is one of them from a while back

  2. the plants look beautiful! I also live in Indiana in the country and have been wanting to try unsupervized growing. Ive never grown succesfuly:( one time in college {about four years ago} my roommate and I tried and it ws all going somewhat well before a friend left the window open while many of us blazed and our neighbors complained. security showed up to our door and we had to flush the plants before we opened the door:(:mad:
    Anyway if you have any tips PLEASE pm me or whatever. I have around 350 white seeds Ive saved over the last couple years. I have virtually unlimited access to multiple large heavly wooded areas. I havent really started diving into the many threads here that address this stlye of growing yet, but any help you can give on how to get to this stage of the growing process would be greatly appreciated!

    Have fun:smoke: and good luck
  3. You might as well throw away the white seeds. White seeds are premature seeds and most likely will not germinate at all, and if they do they will sprout weak marijuana plants.

    The seeds you are looking for is the brownish color with sort of blackish stripes running through it.

    Key things are germinating your seeds will guarantee plants instead of taking chances with randomely using seeds.

    We germinated and planted 15-20 seeds on may 20th i think, now in august we have 7 with four strong ones and 3 pretty small ones. Insects/deer are not a problem, there are deer droppings very close to the plants (fresh ones too) but they dont eat the plants. Insects do occasionally eat holes in the plant but these are small and we found a couple of spiders making their homes in our plants which is pretty good. Im guessing if you have a huge insect problem then you might want to look into some pesticides.

    The key thing is location. You need to find an area which gets plenty of sunlight and is not covered by trees/branches. You are most likely going to want to start scouting early in the year when there isnt as much grass to slow your movement. You find a plot or maybe a couple like 3 and then you clear it, you might need to saw off some smaller branches of the trees covering some sunlight, and then plant your seeds. Check them once a month to see how they are fairing, after the first month (or couple of weeks if u wanna come ther earlier) you are going to want to de-weed your weed plot (of weeds, not the cannabis of course =p) and then add some nutes. We just sprinkled some miracle grow flower nutes, the ones in the pinkish box and are small yellow pellets. We were quite generous with the nuter but overnuting is bad too (or so I hear). Then after the first check up wait a month, come back, and deweed again because weeds will grow back and sap water, nutrients, and maybe even sunlight over your plants.

    Another problem is people. We know that someone has walked through there and stolen one of our stashed gardening tools so they obviously know whats going on. Its just that we dont know whether to worry, whether its cops, whether its no one, or if its someone who is gunna steal our harvest.

    Another problem, when you are checking on them once a month it might be hard to catch males and you might not get optimum buds due to harvesting time.

    Basically don't expect too much your first grow but you should get something reasonable, im thinking maybe a pound but i dont know yet. This is my grow and we plan on expanding to a total of 3 plots instead of just this one next year. Hopefully everything will turn out alright =)

    Oh, and very important, do not leave anything you touched near your plot due to fingerprints. If you can wear gloves to be even safer.

    As you can see my grow is mostly minimally managed, and its actually doing really well. One of our plants is over 5 feet tall and it hasnt even stopped growing yet, its not even flowering yet. Our others are 4-5 feet and then the smaller ones are 3-4 feet.

    Its real simple really, chances are your not gunna get grade-a dank but also not crappy shwag. Even if your buds get seeds, drying them out the normal way, not fast drying, increases the taste and potency so you'll be getting at least the dro-ish type.

    Hope this helped you, it really is pretty easy. Infact if your too lazy all you have to do is germinate, plant, deweed first month, and then check again as late as september or october =p
  4. id star inside with a few good seeds a couple months prior to planting. take clones from the females and transplant them into predug holes outside. the predug holes should be filled with the best quality stuff you can find make it real loose and be in a sunny area. the clones will be 100 percent female obviously and you dont have to worry about the possiblility of seeds and dont have to worry about males. i would try to get there 2 times per month and water with fish emulsion/water and each time you go up until flowering time, top and fim your plants. this will maximize the amount of bud sites you get giving you a much larger harvest. 2 times per month isnt going to make a terribly noticable path but give your plant some of the good stuff a few times a month and itll be good.
  5. The problem is I can't grow anything at my house due to living with people who disprove/don't know about my marijuana hobbies. In order to get clones the plant would first have to grow several weeks and hope that it's a female in the first place.

    However if you can do that inside your house, it will most likely double your yield (since roughly half more or less turn out males) which is a MAJOR increase in yield. Using stronger and more expensive nutes will also increase your yield more than regular nutes, and also the improved quality of the soil will also increase yield.

    The thing is, this requires a much bigger commitment and consumes more time than simply, germinating, planting, and checking once a month.

    However, if you CAN do this, I strongly encourage to do it of course.

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