Letting A Girl Down Easy (How To?)

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  1. So I finally called this girl who gave me her number a while back, and I took her to a secluded spot where we could overlook some beautiful mountains. Sitting on the outcropping, I could tell she was into me and I really liked her personality, so I went for a kiss. I've never had this happen before, but I was turned off by the way she kissed. Her lips didn't seem soft and supple, and it just felt wrong. I remember my heart wasn't even skipping when I went for the kiss. Not at all typical for me.
    Anyway, when we were parting, she told me "c'mere" and I knew what that meant. I'm not a dickhead, so I went in for another kiss, and it was the same story as before. So the context here is she is texting me a little and wants to know when we can hang out again. Should I try to communicate my disinterest politely through a text, or wait until I see her again to do so? I have zero experience doing this and I'm not an asshole, so how can I go about this? I don't want to just ignore her texts, and the clock is already ticking since I don't know what to say and I don't want to lead her on.
    I feel like I should meet her among other friends so there is less opportunity for PDA or whatever. But who can tell me a tactful way to save face and communicate that I just want to be friends? 

  2. just tell her
    from a girls perspective, she'll want to know
    she doesn't want to waste her time dreaming up the possibilities that could happen with you, if you know right here and now that you don't want anything but friendship
    she might be a little hurt or taken back but in the long run it's the best way
  3. Just ignore her messages. Oh wait, that's a dick move.

    Anyway, just be honest. You seem like a really sweet guy. Don't feel bad for using your heart and not your penis. Tell her you don't feel the spark and you don't want to hurt her by leading her on. Whether you do that through text or in person is up to you. It's not like you're in a relationship so you don't owe her much. I'd say text is perfectly fine.
  4. Do you want to keep her as a friend? If you're not ever going to see her again, just tell her that you think you two should be friends. It's cliche because it works.
  5. I would like to keep her as a friend. We may have just met but she could carry conversation well and even that is rare enough. I can remember one of the topics we talked about was whether girls and guys can be just friends. She said she doesn't think so if one is attracted to the other. I disagree but I guess we'll see.
  6. You could prolly get it in the sack before you dump the broad

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