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Letter From Mitch McConnell

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Beaver420, May 15, 2010.

  1. With Mitch McConnell representing us. Here is a letter that I received after I sent an email to his office

    He talks a little bit about the 2007 bill and the 2009 bill H.R. 2835 in the part that is cut off and then states, "However, because of the harm that substances like marijuana and oter narcotics pose to our society, I oppose their legalization." Which is a totally obsurd statement when talking about weed.

    Here is the letter.

  2. He's just a dumb old bastard that's about to be voted out of office.
  3. Wouldn't it be funny if everyone started sending him a few studies a day on the many medical uses and remarkable safety of cannabis? :rolleyes:

    And someone just might want to show him a few recent polls on MMJ! Remind him that poll responders are usually VOTERS- and he DOES want to be reelected, doesn't he? :p

    To get the studies to educate this "gentleman", click the "MMJ Studies" link in my sig.

    Granny :wave:
  4. Nice, another kentucky stoner.

    Mitch McConnell needs to be shoved out of office. Hemp used to be kentuckys #1 cash crop. There used to be fields of hemp as far as the eye could see in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Now it's tobacco and horses. Such bullshit.
  5. Another KY stoner here, FUCK mitch mcconnell
  6. FUCK MITCH THE BITCH CONNEL im from kentucky all this is is another suit in office not someone we know the people who live in kentucky But someone other suites know to make them money...
  7. Listen people, Mitch McConnell is the last person you want to send a letter about MMJ to. Why would anyone think he would be for legalizing? The federal government is not interested in doing anything about MMJ, nor will they ever be unless we get rid of the pot nazis. It is all up to the states to create their own laws for MMJ and I think most of us know this by now. Our government officials can clearly see that MMJ is just a front for fully legalizing it and before you pass that off look at California. They have the best MMJ laws and you can get it too easily and they still aren't happy. Now they are going to vote to fully legalize pot in November. Go figure!

    Dont get me wrong, I am for legalizing pot but I dont want the government controlling the weed I get. It will just get over taxed like cigarettes and the dealers will still be around when this happens selling it lower then the government is. Just look at tobacco, when i first started smoking a pack of cigarettes was $3.31 and now they are $7.75 and even when I go down to richmond to pick up a few cartons they are $5.93 a pack. Do you guys see a trend here? The same will happen to pot if legalized and the dealers who grow it will be able to offer it for less.

  8. Do you not already think that pot is taxed?

    It costs an experienced grower around 10$ an oz to grow the very very best. And around here, it would be around 400-500/oz.

    Does that not look like a tax to you?

    It's great you're for legalization, but get your facts straight, too.
  9. I see kids at the dispensary paying five dollars in tax on eigths on a regular basis.
    Does that look like tax to you?

  10. And people at dispensaries pay 8/g in medical states as opposed to the 20/g that subpar chronic goes for here.

    I would pay 5 bucks on the end of an 8th oz if I were paying 8/g for medical grade. But it's irrelevant because I would grow my own in that event.

  11. It's not 8$ a g....
    10-18$ a gram, 40-50 an eigth.. Some dispensarys actually have eigths for 60 which is bullshit.
    Dispensarys are a rip off, I dont shop at them.
    Being a caregiver is where it's at.
    By your calculations an eigth would cost around 30$...
    That's just not true.

  12. There are people in this forum with cards that regularly report getting bud for 8/g.

    You're going to the wrong dispensaries. End of story.

    And you're not from Kentucky, so why are you here?
  13. I just realized I'm in the kentucky forum haha, my bad man.
    You can get it for 8$ a gram but it's not top shelf.
    Nice avatar, you look like bin laden.. I bet that scares the shit out of people in KY.
  14. What you get for 8/gram in dispensaries is worlds better than what we pay 20/g for on the streets, for the vast majority of it.

    You can get bud that rivals dispensary bud, but you have to know the right people, and it's still 60/8

    edit: You wouldn't believe how many girls are into beards, bellies, tattoos, and weed..
  15. I'm from Texas but now live in a state with medical marijuana laws enacted.
    Dispensary bud is cool I guess if you don't grow but going to the dispensary gets old.
  16. Whenever I make my way to a medical state, or it gets enacted here, I'm going to be growing my own. I still don't agree with paying per g, what I could spend some time with and get an oz for the same amount.
  17. Hey, you braught up grams not me.
    If I buy it's 2800$ for the whole biscuit.

    When I lived in TX I was growing to, not the ammount im growing now but none the less a lb. every two months..
    Having your medical card puts your mind at ease but other then that it's pretty much the same.

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