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Letter from Mitch McConnell Marijuana Causes Death?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ghetty.Green, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hi Blades, got a letter back from Mitch McConnell about legalizing marijuana.

    I'll let the letter speak for itself.



  2. I don't find that surprising...
    I am suprised that you actually wrote the guy. lol. Doesn't Kentucky have really harsh MJ laws?
    Just another fine example of the ignorant views from the men who we vote in to legislate.

    If you feel up to it, you can respond to the letter with research of your own. It seems the esteemed Senator is misinformed. Lookup the research conducted by the head of pulmonary research at UCLA. He's done a longterm study of the health effects of smokers for the gubment. Also, if I'm not mistaken, recent research has shown that memory loss is also a myth. That study, I believe, was published relatively recently. Like a month or so ago.
    As for the dying bit, I could see it happen. lol.
    I passed out for a second from coughing too much once after a huuuge rip on the bong. If I wasn't sitting down, I could have hit my head on the corner of a table on my way to the ground. But I see this as more mother nature getting rid of the stupid than MJ killing me. See my blood pressure post to see why I was coughing so much. (hint: I smoked too damn much) I also smoke cigarettes so my lungs aren't in great shape.
    All in all, Kudos!
    you got brass ones, dude!
  3. you should write him back with all the proof that it doesnt cause any of those issues and see what his response is to science.
  4. mail back with a request of the so called 'well documented' documents.

    Push the fact that there are NO such documents, just hearsay and propaganda, not one single death certificate nor hospital/doctor/nurse/mortician report has said marijuana caused a death.
    SHOW THE PROOF or admit there are no such documents.
    It's that simple..or is he just a parrot/puppet that repeats propaganda and lies just to fit in? Is he a leader or people or just a shepherd of sheeple?

    Granny Storm Crow has a shit load of documents on the medical benefits of MJ, you should send him a copy, with CC email to as many news corp sites/reporters/anchors as you can find (abc, cbs, nbc, reuters, National Enquirer ;)...) CC in as many voters and special interest groups as you can...see if he continues to tell lies, turns a 180, or just evades the subject (and blocks your email...if so, use multiple email accounts...)

    be a pain in the ass and expose a liar, or change his mind.:devious:
  5. Yea keep at it and tell other people to do the same and his eyes will open to the movement
  6. There has never been any death directly related to marijuana. Where did he come up with that?
  7. Jesus people, don't you all realize yet that were dealing with an incredibly volatile substance here? *rolls eyes*

    Just another tool.
  8. I wish more people did what Ghetty did here. Emails & phone calls are so easily overlooked when compared to a well-written letter. Plus, letters have to reach someone in the targeted representative's office since they're technically federal property until delivery.
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  10. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why people should get laid on Valentines day. Because if they don't people write horrible things like this. It's not whether or not Marijuana leads to death, but what "doesn't" lead to death today. Anything you do, leads to death, because death itself is inevitable.. So his claim is invalid, not because of that, but because I'm certain this man has a few prescription drugs in his cabinet, and those have been proved to lead to death.

  11. Same. If it's this easy to get exposure, why don't we all set up a date to mail or state's Representative's and such. Take the received letters and send them to news sites. I'm sure something like that could get a little bit of attention.
  12. You know what else causes death? Being alive for a long time.

    Death is inevitable. If i choose to beat you there, so be it. The obvious fallacy of this "representative's" opinion is that he groups drugs together. Notice he doesnt mention tobacco, as that form of slow death and lung cancer is obviously an acceptable way to die....lmao
  13. Just another old ignorant bastard. Age doesn't always equal wisdom. All this does is verify that government officials don't give a shit about society, they'd rather have us all suffering from the horrible side effects these synthetic man made drugs give us just to forward there own agenda.
  14. I'm sure you've all seen this documentary, but anyone who has not seen it, SHOULD. It discredits every bit of propaganda put out there to denounce Marijuana use. It is an excellent doc:

    "The Union - The Business Behind Getting High"

    The Union: the business behind getting high - YouTube

    Jacks :)
  15. + Rep for making it to Huffington Post OP, i saw it on the front page and thought the guys at the city would love this article, until i saw your username and grasscity and was like :eek::eek::eek::eek::hello::hello::hello::hello:!!
  16. I agree 1000000%. If the GOP can demand that president Obama come up with his birth certificate and make it a nationwide news story, which is completely and utterly a waste of money via airtime, then this should as well.

    OP you have to respond, demand the documents and make him prove his worth as a representative of the people in your district. If he cannot produce a single death certificate attributed to cannabis use alone, respond to Huffington Post and other news outlets and expose the truth to mainstream America.

  17. Lol I was just reading that article like "oh someone just put this on GC" then I clicked the link at the bottom and it brought me back here.

    Mitch McConnell is a jackass for seriously even writing that. From the letter it sounds evident that he has absolutely no experience with marijuana what so ever.
  18. impressed. I was reading the article on norml then followed onto the huffington post to read their view on it..and it mentions this thread on GC. Congrats dude...thats pretty sick. Maybe this whole formal letter writing thing isnt a bad idea at all. We now have proof that some of our elected officials have no idea what the fuck theyre talking about..which is good and bad in a way haha. anyways...grats man :cool:

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