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LetsGeek's Pick-Up Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LetsGeek, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. #1 LetsGeek, Dec 30, 2012
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    This thread is composed of flowers from OH, if anyone wants to know.

    First off is some blueberry I picked up last night. Haven't smoked much yet because I made bho last night as well but a large snap after a couple of dabs had me couch locked and put for the night. Very potent and has a sweet floral scent with blueberry after tones, tastes exactly as it smells. The second picture is a better representation of color. Very frosty lime green with a slight blue hue.

    Edit: Sorry for the poor picture quality. I uploaded these from the GC app on my iPad. I guess from now on I will post from my computer.

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  2. Here are some of my pickups over the past 4 or so months.

    Agent Orange, AlienDawg, BC Skunk (it only had the trimmings still on because my friend gave me some of his harvest to run to run for oil, I figured the trimmings were frosty enough), Blackberry with a not so nice trim job, and these last 2 are both Blue Cheese the second being the inside of the nug

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  3. fuck man all look good, but that 2nd to last is fucking killer
  4. That blue cheese looks fire. All around nice buds you got there man, stay lifted!
  5. Wow some real nice bud there. Even the bc skunk looks nice and its barely trimmed! The Blue cheese is killer though
  6. Haha dude, first time trying anything with cheese. The bud was one of my best smokes in a long time:smoking:
  7. My friend stopped by on New Year's Eve with some bomb Apollo 13. This was one of the strongest sativas I have ever had. The buzz on this felt borderline psychedelic after 2 fat bowls I was literally tingling throughout my whole body with an intense head high for about 4 hours. It smelled very earthy with very spicy and sweet aromas. Pick this up if you get the chance. One of my new favorite strains for sure.:D

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  8. Picked up some Blue Dream earlier today. These buds are so caked with trichromes and the smell is phenomenal. Top quality smoke for sure!

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  9. First two purple-ish ones are Blackberry Kush, the single darker nug is Chocolate Kush, the dab was some Grape Ape claim and some Sour D wax, the two with the sugary stem are Lemon G, the last two are some Master Kush nugs I got. The Master Kush is my new favorite strain, it is such a versatile hybrid that smells piney with a hint of sweet skunk. The oz I got was all in these huge 1 to 4 gram nugs. The wax is Master Kush wax and lastly a pile of kief.

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  10. First two are some stanky Pineapple Kush, followed by some no name purp, then some incredibly fueley Sour Diesel which made some bomb oil, then a tiny bit of some citrus/earthy smelling OG Kush and the nug split open, the last one is a bit of no name haze that was pulled prematurely and my friend gave me some. He actually gave it to me with no trim job, I did this one by hand, how did I do haha?

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  11. Sweet nugs man

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