Let's write a song together

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  1. I got a pretty cool bassline and want to make a song out of it. Goes like this:

    Dum de dudum de dumdidum de de dedum dede dum

    Hah, just kiddin'

    No, seriously. I know it's kinda difficult to write the music together but if we put our heads and bongs together we could write some cool lyrics about the city. Then everyone who plays in a band could make a song out of it and put it on the web. We'd be gettin some Jazz, Blues, Rock, freakyfunky, etc. versions.
    So my idea is this: Everyone writes down 2 or more lines, just randomly and I'll collect the best lines into a song...

    I'll start off:

    I roll my joint, light it up, take a toke
    I'm goin' into town
    For the next few hours -or days or weeks-
    Grasscity's gonna be my home
  2. Im in a rock/metal band n man, lyrics are hard! ive tried so many times n only have 2full songs, loadsa spare riffs, but no lyrics

    I sunk a bong, then wrote this song.
    a song of life in a town,
    I'm feeling great -or stoned or high-
    grasscitys always home

    (I suppose if we're gona build on this, then Grasscity must be an actual place, an incredible, magical place)

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