Lets Wipe out the whole Species...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Little Wing, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Last sunday I got real drunk camping in the woods, and I now have a little bit of poison ivy on my arm. I hate nothing more then poison icy. I have spent most of the day glaring at the little rash with extreme hatrid.

    I would love to wipe poison ivy out. The whole fucking species!
  2. I'll second that motion... It should be against the law!!!
  3. Even better, genetically alter it so instead of being itchy you get nice and high everytime it comes in contact with your skin.
  4. we have something similar to poison iwy here in this country, its a plant that stings a bit when u get it on your skin, and it is looking quite similar to pot, i wonder if they could be sexed? as in mated to produce thc ? how hard is such tampering with genetics, i know its easy for god, but im not him/her so i dont know.

    is interracial plantsex possible?
  5. i've never felt the wrath of poison ivy or any plants like that. never been stung by a bee either. or wasp. i've never even broken a bone. i bet one day i'll be camping and i'll get stung by a bee while i'm stoned off my ass, freak out and tumble down some hill full of poison ivy and break my arm while rolling down that hill.

    ..wow that was dumb
  6. i used to get rashes from poison ivy, but i havent in years and years. i've made a few bucks and won a few bets out of this before too. I would get a whole bunch of poison ivy in my hands, and bet people stuff that i'd rub it all over my face and whatnot, haha.. they would all be freakin out but i'd never get a rash... cool beans!
  7. Hei...'s not the ivy's fault yer stupid enough to touch it...lol
  8. Man phuck poison ivy in its dogass, i still have mild scars on my back from it when i was little, even had it on my dingaling that fuckn sucked hard(he recovered just fine)

    You cant scratch it so i use to get in the shower with scolding hot water and just let it run on my back, maybe thats why i have scars lol. But it felt so good and made me feel like i was getting back at that evil plant:)

  9. if it gave you scars, i dont see how you can think you were getting back at it like that, haha...

    now...finding the plant and setting it on fire would be retribution i believe...
  10. Luckily, it doesn't do anything to me. I was doing some yardwork a few weeks ago and wasn't paying attention until a friend told me I had Poison Oak in my hands. I had rubbed my face, my eyes, my back....I freaked out and went inside and witch hazeled myself in a panicked frenzy but I never got a rash. Poison Ivy doesn't get me either but I think there's another one that does....sumac, maybe. I remember a bad rash when I was younger....and I'm a scratcher so I, too, have scars.

    There's this woman I know who was out on a tractor on her farm and she got really sick and the docs said that she got poison ivy in her lungs from breathing in everything she was chopping up...she was fucked up for a while.
  11. stinging nettles. I hate those things. they're all over my back shed. Every year, I set fire to a whole pile of them, that'll teach 'em.
  12. Which one is the worst of the three if i recall correctly its sumac, not sure. Oak and ivy suck hadm both a few times,

    rmjl, maybe you got lucky cuzz you washed it off early, soap and water are wonderful things!

    Littlekids have a tendency not to wash regularly i hear:)
  13. it definitely should be against the law lol if only there were some way to kill all of it. I got poison ivy a few days ago and it is driving me insane. I found out that my one plot is almost growing in poison ivy (approx a foot away). I wish I didnt plant the plant in ground so I could move it. I guess im not going to be tending to that plant to often this season.
  14. I say we try to get a drug out of the plant somehow.

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