Lets try to give the GOP a clue.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Icer, May 26, 2010.

  1. House Republican leadership unveiled a new interactive website on Tuesday which they hailed as "revolutionary" in its democratization of the political process. But while it may deserve some acclaim for presenting a new way for voters to join the debate, the GOP initiative is sure to invite mockery by stumbling minutes after the site launched. On Tuesday morning, GOP leaders unveiled americaspeakingout.com, a website that they pitched as a "giant step forward" towards popularizing the Republican platform. The idea is simple -- allow viewers to suggest legislative remedies that they and others could then debate and vote upon. The top suggestions would, naturally, rise to the top.

    Let's keep MJ on top, vote here.

    Ideas in 'Speak Out' – America Speaking Out
  2. Just looking at the site this seems like a good way to get our voice heard. Kinda like that thing Obama did to find out what was important to the people.. LETS GET ON THIS SITE AND ROCK IT :)
  3. you gotta sign up for the site?
  4. Very nice seeing this coming from the GOP. I wish I was more "balanced" in my politics but it's hard when so many GOP leaders are doofus.

    Thanks for the link.
  5. Im willing to bet that the site will flooded with so-called "liberal" ideas. Hopefully they dont "reorganize" the pages.

  6. Yes you do have to register. There is nothing stopping you from reging with crap info though. You have to confirm the email though.. easy to get around that for the "Paranoid" of us out there...lol..

    When you go to the site click on the "tags" thingie on the right side... look for the "Legalize" "Tax" "Marijuana" there is prob more but those are the ones I looked at. The ones on Marijuana are doing GREAT!!


    From what I can tell there is alot of people out there using the site to really point out the stupidity in some of their thinking....

    GO GO GO GO NOW!!!! Become familiar with the site... get your friends to chk it out..:hello::hello:

  7. what a crap site, it doesn't even work.
    If the GOP can't even build a website how on earth can they run this country?

  8. Yes it does work. not to well with Firefox from what i can tell. IE works great though. There is some problems with it being to crowded.. Like to many people trying to access it at the same time. It is a new website and im sure a TON of people are hitting it up. So be patient.. BUT MAINLY GET ON THERE AND SPEAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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