Let's try this game - 5 random words, get the google images, write crazy story

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  1. The idea came from Miyagi. We were in one of the Curiosity Rover threads and he came up with this crazy shit out of nowhere and I almost bought it.




    I was like "WUT?" and he concocted this craziness. This is where I get my avatar from. We don't know who he is, haha:

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    So if you want to play:

    Go here and get the first 5 random words:

    Random Word Generator (Plus)

    Then go to Google images and type each one in and choose the first or second one.

    Mine were:

    1: Offender: "The scariest sex offender"
    2: Scalar (A fish)
    3: Sissy (A wussy pussy)
    4: Carriageway (A road)
    5: Regeneration (well, you know...)

    And start a wacky story. Kind of like mad libs:

    Gordy, the scary sex offender happened to escape from his cell (he was institutionalized for over 20 years)



    He winds up at a lake for a drink when he came upon this fish called a Scalar. He thought, "Maybe I can just molest these things instead, or rub my pecker on them", so he tried.

    After the scales of the fish cut his dick and he cried like a bitch, Gordy realized he was really a sissy and started dressing like this:


    He loved to hump Carriageways daily while dressed like a sissy.


    His dick ended up falling off from humping so much ass-fault, but it ended up regenerating because the mothafucka just wasn't human.

    The end.

    Oh - Gordy funded the Curiosity Rover (well, 85% of it). Why? Because he's Martian.

    :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  3. Nah...this takes too much effort man.
  4. I knew someone was going to say that. Take a walk on the wild side.

    It took me 5 minutes.
  5. Headed to bed, but subbed for lawls. I will contribute tomorrow as well.
  6. I hate failure threads.

  7. given, off, soul, elevator, curry.

    To keep his hands soft and supple for man-to-hand combat Shay 'Given' crafted these gloves filled with scented moisturizers.

    So enamored was he with his monkey spanking he had a custom hoodie made to remind himself to constantly jack 'off'.

    The euphoric release of his seed produced an ever changing fractal image of his 'soul'.

    Once while trapped in an elevator for a mere 45 minutes Shay managed to squeeze out an unprecedented 32 orgasms during what he likened to "fear spanking". Elevator maintenance found him crumpled on the floor unconsciously stroking his spent member.

    Realizing how much man sauce he was wasting Shay decided to eat his own seed for it's beneficial protein and began consuming massive amounts of 'curry' to sweeten the flavor.
  8. ^^^ Aahahhh!!!!!!!! Nice!

    Last pic looks like keif. :D


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