Let's talk UFOs.

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    i believe in them. i've seen them multiple times. what does the people of grasscity have to say about this phenomenon?

    The first sighting i had was when me and my buddies were outside around a bon fire in his backyard. we had a handle of a rum and a bowl about to be passed around. but nothing was touched yet when i said, "how cool would it be to see a UFO."
    As i was saying this i was looking up at the sky two very bright lights caught my attention. my eyes remained that point for a couple seconds when i realized the lights were moving. And moving in directions i know a plane can't do. It began moving right when it then moved left almost in a instant. As this happened i told my friends. The "UFO" that was on the right 'swung' across the other. Then turned towards us and flew over us. It made no noise. It was weird.

    My other sighting was when i was smoking a bowl in a field with my friends. I was baked out of my mind. And then we saw a plane flying. It was a clear night and we had an amazing view of the sky. I'm on nantucket for the summer and it has one of the best views of the sky in America, its 30 miles off the coast of cape cod. There were dozens of planes flying around in the sky. but this one was odd. It had a red light trailing it. It remained a constant distance, which looked to be about a 1/4 of a mile. And the light didnt blink. It remained solid. The plane then flew over us and we realized it was a triangle shape. So we thought it was government shit. Then we were looking in the direction is came and there was a really bright light. I mean really bright. Then after 5 seconds of looking at it, it disappeared!

    I'm a believer and i wish there was disclosure.
  2. seen some shit. when i was sober for 3 years... towards the end of it.. yep. creepy. 2 different occasions...

  3. i was sober for one, and stoned out of my mind the other.
  4. Sober when I saw a UFO pretty close about 300-500 yards above us hovering slowly a couple years ago it had 6 very vivid red lights under it in a circle form. There wasnt any noise coming from it either.
  5. I saw bright, almost ball like lights zooming left and right in the sky in downtown San Francisco, daytime. It was pretty strange man. Believe in them.
  6. I so wish I could be as lucky as you guys to have a chance to witness something like that. I love watching those UFO documentaries on History and the Discovery Channel all the time. They fascinate me so much.
  7. idk man for me it was a slap in the face that we arent alone.
  8. i never witnessed it but i deff think it would be cool..i mena think about it theres so many different galaxy and planets out there...theres gotta be other living forms out there
  9. People see shit in the sky and don't know what it is.

    That's nothing new.
  10. unless you see it up close like i did

  11. i have another story, although i'm a secondary source. And although its a big story i still need to decide if i should share it.
  12. What a reliable source of evidence. :rolleyes:
  13. lol. Well you know man once thousands of people cant comprehend what they see in the sky..theres gotta be somethin out there. Especially when people see UFO's doin crazy shit like that one guy said up there ^^
  14. Um no.
  15. you say you associate with seti?
  16. So whats your take on UFO's?
  17. Aye. Your point?

    And my view on UFO's are pretty much the same as Sagan's. He covered it amply in his career.
  18. I got to see 3 bright blue lights dance in the sky at amazing speeds on night on a camping excursion in the desert. We camped out in the Grand Canyon.. No light but the stars. Then these 3 balls of light dive out of no where danced around zigging and zagging for about 10 minutes then shot straight up out of sight...Wish they had been closer but still trippy.. If i had been alone I would have though I was having an acid flash..But yes I Believe...Here's a link to the Hubble Deep Field Photo.. Largest space photo in existence.. Just look at all those galaxies.. And people honestly think were alone... HA!
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    Well damn man, don't be shy. Enlighten us on Sagan's (Sagan who again?) views. Not all of us are so well versed.
  20. A few days ago I was playing with night vision goggles in rural Oklahoma and for the first time in my life I saw something in the sky I could not explain. I'm still processing the whole event, but at this point I'm rooting for the idea that it had more to do with the technology than it did alien creatures.

    Theres a lot of intriguing evidence that people throw forth in the argument for UFO's as alien craft, but I'd need to have a shit-myself-experience before I subscribed 100%

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