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  1. Okay, being a cheap and stingy grower I always struggle between affordable and dependable when buying new products. When I bought my first ph meter I didnt want to shell out $100 or more when there was a handful of products for cheaper; the only question was how reliable are these and how long will they last me?
    First I used the litmus strips and they did okay as long as I wasnt too converned with really dialing in my plants to the most beeficial state.
    So I went the next step up and bought a Hanna Checker (red one with a skinny probe) for like under $40. This did really good for a while but now I get readings all over the place. A new probe will run almost as much as the new meter itself so Im already in for more cash thean I anticipated and the Checker only lasted about a year. Now I did store it for an extended period of time so Im sure that prompted alot of my issues.
    So now Ive decided to fork over a little more and get a dependable, durable, and accurate meter. Ive read alot about many different models and finally decided on the Bluelab (BLU2210). Local hydro store sells these for about $112 and I found it new on ebay for $90.
    Lets share what we know about the ph meters we have so more people can make an informed decision when they decide to upgrade or finally stop using test strips.

  2. Did you calibrate the pH meter that you own? The problem with all electronic pH meters is they need proper storage and calibration, which means more cost and hassle. For soil the general hydroponics dropper test kit is simple and reliable, not sure if it would be accurate enough for hydro though...
  3. Yeah I did calibrate it myself. I think my issue was when I stoppped growing for a couple years, the meter sat in a garage to pretty much just dry out. When I started up again, I calibrated it multiple times but got all sorts of readings. My fault in the end but I did want to upgrade my meter anyway instead of just buying a replacement probe and hoping the rest of it still functioned properly. The Hanna Checker is a good meter if taken care of properly, like most meters, keeping it in a 4.01 solution when not in use. I think its the 4 solution youre supposed to use...???...damn short term memory ;)

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