Let's Talk: Nihilism and the Purpose of Existence

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  1. I'm a nihilist. This means I reject all most putatively relevant beliefs. This widely encompasses things like theism, morality, purpose, etc. I don't believe in the idea that life has a purpose, God is a fallacy, and everything is relative. The human mind is a disastrous construct of highly subjective systems as equally fundamentally flawed as the idea that they're accurate, a speciously organized jumble of sensory organisms supplying input to our perception and expectations of reality. As in the magic trick, we supply the expectation, are given the input, and create the pseudo reality that the hostess truly was cut in half or the dove was the flower. I don't believe in love, I see things only along the terms of objectivity, so I view things like companionship as the residue of innate drives to reproduce left behind from thousands of years of evolution, and friendship as the safety of the strength in the group dynamic.

    Thoughts?.. Arguments?
  2. very well!
  3. Indubitably!

    So, with all of that in mind; if life is void of any universal or otherwise importance besides the illusion of petty self importance - smoke herb and do whatever it takes to be happy, or, at the very least, content.
  4. well said sir
  5. God is love and love exists.

    The world needs more love these days. Hopefully you will understand this someday.

  6. This.

  7. God is a chemical assimilation of sensory perspective, the chemicals and molecular interactions that induce the emotion we perceive as love exist.
  8. [quote name='"HookedonPhonics"']

    God is a chemical assimilation of sensory perspective, the chemicals and molecular interactions that induce the emotion we perceive as love exist.[/quote]

    God can be whatever the believes hold God to be.

    But, one question for all,

    How did this entire universe and pre universe, that I will call the "world " for simplicity, come to be?
  9. So the mind is fundamentally flawed and creates the expectation through subjective perspective, i could say that your nihilistic view of the world is subject to your own argument against it. You see all these things going on in the world and assign them nihilistic explanations.---devils advocate

    But i mostly agree with you except that i believe that since your mind creates expectation, creates reality, you yourself can create your own purpose, albeit a purpose all your own and in now way attached to the universe. Just a purpose for your monkey mind.
  10. God has nothing to do with love. There's already a word for love, and it's "love."
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    I would respond to all of these, but I am so fucking high. :devious:

  12. Big Bang
  13. It does not matter.
    Indeed, maybe you are not a spiritual being but an highly developed animal.
    But remember that you are going to die pretty soon.
    The least you can do is be happy.
  14. One thing that we can all agree on, is that aside from all of these fillers like material possessions and meaningless gratifications, is that from birth and on life is a struggle to avoid pain and find happiness. Whether or not you think that a new car or a wife or even God will make you happy is irrelevant. One thing that I can say that many people don't interpret from my nihilism is that I can say that it is freeing. I don't spend my days biting my nails worrying about how things are and came to be, and whether or not my dead grandma and a couple deities are watching me masturbate and secretly chastising me for it and weighing how good of a boy I was today. I can just focus purely on what I enjoy, what makes me happy, and learn about it.
  15. "We believe in nutsing."
  16. Donny: Are they gonna hurt us, Walter?
    Walter Sobchak: No, Donny. These men are cowards.
    Nihilist: Okay. So we take ze money you haf on you, und ve calls it eefen.
    Walter Sobchak: Fuck you.

    Name that movie! Most famous Nihilist's ever.

    Oh and that's cool you're also a Nihilist dude :smoke:
  17. This comment takes the cake.
  18. You are alive because there were billions of coincidences that made life on earth possible! :smoke:
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    I'm not here to proselytize. Whether or not you or I believe in God or even love doesn't dictate whether or not I appreciate human harmony. To think that is to not only misinterpret but to inadvertently make God as a prerequisite figurehead, which also inadvertently would force the masses, even those who enjoy the personal freedom of religious or non-religious preference alike, to associate their happiness with God and God only. A very narrow chute and flawed notion. How can you say the world needs love, when God IS love, so systematically one would reach the conclusion you're demanding the world to have God in order to love one another, this seems very forceful when what you're saying is that we should live in harmony. I "preach" inconsistency, practicality, and the occasional uncertainty, not universal rules for people to abide closely to.

    A question like this is only complicated in the most specious sense. If you really want to know, I recommend googling that kind of question; keep asking why until you further work your way down to the deepest philosophical and scientific stomata, and past the monkey's of evolution and exploding particulates of pre-life you'll likely find the evidence leads towards the big bang. Additionally, don't stigmatize the word "theory". In pop culture it's been overwhelmingly swept into darkness under the connotation of "possibility", whereas in most science environments "theory" actually implicates high likelihood, in exemplar, those that cannot be proven but most evidence leads to the conclusion. That's the very definition of theory. Like strings, the formulaic tie between quantum mechanics and gargantuan general relativity, far too small for any worldly instrument to see, but mathematically sound, tried, and true nonetheless. Also, I think that it's off-putting that your question almost sets the frame for an answer you want to hear, as though a question like that would baffle me into a corner and force me to look towards divinity. I don't mean to be too candid, it just rubbed me the wrong way that it appeared that you already had the answer to your question! :)

    I'm not sure exactly which direction you're heading at there, can you reiterate? I'm a little confused. What I think you're heading towards is that I'm assigning definitions to things in the world that require answers, but that seems too broad, I thought everyone did that?

    However, I agree. This is almost existentialism, when a nihilist chooses his life purpose for himself, this is what I do. I like to grow cannabis, so that's my purpose, at least for now :). Maybe not divine, or cosmically relevant, but it's what I enjoy.

    Thanks for all of the responses guys, neat stuff.

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