let's talk mini cigar rolling papers

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  1. so i know there's these Brown Sugar wraps that are made out of tobacco and are the size of rolling papers with the gum strip as well. however, i want to find a different brand. i remember about 2 years ago a friend of mine rolled a j with a different brand but same idea. i believe these were called Kingpin but when i looked it up, Kingpin only has blunt wraps and a small run of regular rolling papers.

    so does anyone know what other brands are out there and where i could find them?
  2. Kingpin has little wraps that are brown and come in little plastic cases...is that it?
  3. naw, they're mini-blunt wraps that are slightly wider than normal rolling papers, more like the 1 1/2 papers. they come in boxes like rolling papers with about 20 in the box.
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  5. its a cyclone
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    It's not a cyclone.

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