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  1. In the past years LED technology has come a long way. Now more than ever it's easy to get light on the cheap from Amazon and eBay. Recently I purchased a 600w phlizon newest LED light and I don't know anything other that it's really a 100w light. So I started looking into other LED grow lights and found the optic 4. This is 405w. After more and more looking I've found a lot of lights. My question is.... Let's say I have $500 for lights. On Amazon I can get 1100watts of true power. This would be like 6500w of advertised power for $500. Or I can buy a 400w optic 4 for like $450. I feel like even though I would need more of the cheap lights I would still get more power. And from all my research I can't seem to find a better deal than 1100w of actual power draw for $500 even if it's through 4 lights. Temperature inside the grow space is not a issue as it's air conditioned
  2. I have briefly looked at them. It seems a 300w kit is around $600. For the hlg 300 v2 with two quantum boards. So while I understand they are a lot higher quality they are 800w less power for more money. So let's just hypothetically say I'm only trying to grow for 1 year before a full upgrade. And these cheap lights will last for a year for sure (hypothetically). Does the quality of quantum boards or something like a optic4 gonna be better light to grow with vs 1100w split between 4 cheap grow lights?
  3. Theirs so much to learn b-4 making judgement as white leds dont need as much wattage as these other lights.. what u would normally want is about 50w sq ft but with leds your gettin the same coverage with about 30w sq ft..

    Look into them a bit more b-4 turning away.. im not a good salesman but their great lights

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  4. There are are a couple other factors to consider.
    1. Efficiency. If a true 500 watt LED is 40% efficient, and a 400 watt LED is 60% efficient, then the 400 watt LED is more powerful.
    2. Spectrum. It's likely that the closer an LED's spectrum is to the sun's spectrum, the better the light. I seriously suspect that plants don't like those double-peaked "full spectrum" LEDs as much as they do the sun's bell curve spectrum.
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  5. qb was the only light that made me a less than 50w/sq ft man. Once you see what spectrum can do, watts are only needed to turn the light on. With these qb boards, there is no need to blast plants with watts. My new anecdotal experience is leading me to think what plants are really craving is spectrum, and once they get it, more watts is no benefit. 260 qb watts is covering 2x3 just fine. More watts and I would need more room. It would be easier to believe if these little boards were bigger. Only 13x9 inches, but the light is intense but also diffused, more similar to t5.
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  6. If your after cheap lighting and your not worried about efficiency or heat look into hid alot of people are selling theirs and moving over to the QBs.
    Those Amazon lights are outdated.
    It would be like buying a VCR instead of a DVD player.
  7. You guys keep telling me about quantum boards and I get it. Good lights... But... If I have 1100w of power (true power) with 4 led "full spectrum" grow lights for $500. Is anything quantum sells gonna actually beat that? I'm not looking for anything besides LED
  8. I would do 4 cheap. You will get a better footprint with 4 lights than any 1 light. That’s what’s going to get you that yield your looking for. I’m pulling around a lb every harvest with my 2 cheap 1200w (250w actual draw) leds from amazon.

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  9. This is more along the lines of a answer I was looking for. Am I in theory going to have better coverage and light energy from 4 lights that equal 1000w or a badass single light at half the Watts for the same money
  10. All this is why I stick to the MH and HPS.
  11. I dont know folks, I have "budget" LED lights and so far, I'm impressed.
  12. 250 watts in a 2'x4' area.
  13. 95% of the people that have used these Amazon lights are not satisfied with their performance in flowering there is the other 5% that are happy with them.
    I choose quality over quantity.

    Sounds like you had your mind made up before you ever brought it here though.
  14. I have my mind made up on LED's. Just curious about the wattage. Seems most people spend 100-200 on LED's. Just trying to see what would work better
  15. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the plants my Amazon lights. Comparing them to qbs, my qbs cost less and have a bigger footprint, also penetrate deeper. My qbs cost me 370 delivered for 480 watts. Amazon lights grow good weed. Qbs seem to grow more of it.
  16. Maybe I'm trying to go for overkill. In only plan to grow 4 plants in a 2.5ft deep x 8ft tall and 8ft wide closet. I figured 4 lights in that space would be more than enough. Right now I have a phlizon 600w (100w actual) and a q1500w cob light (250w actual) hung roughly 21-24in above 8 seedlings. I just got the cob light about 10min ago. Let's see how the seedlings react. I have been having problems with my seedlings and in pretty sure I over watered them.
  17. Start slowly with the Cobb light some of them got wicked intensity
  18. What do you mean? Like have it higher above the plants or run it at a different cycle than my other light. I'm running 20/4 should I cycle the Cob light every six hours?
  19. No just keep it up high above your plants until you get a feel for it. some Cobbs are very bright and can easily burn seedlings

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