Let's talk dirty to each other lol

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  1. Say things you would if you were sexually deprived for 10 years and you are fucking the person of your dreams right now.

    "I want to wear your cunt as a ski-mask!"

    "I will pound your sloppy wet vag until my cock gushes!"
  2. apparently I've stumbled upon the "weird" part of the internet.
  3. What did you expect to find in pandora's box? fucking bible study?
  4. I love your pussy mmmm
    Nice dyck
  5. I was just trying to be funny, calm down.
    fine I will play along:

    "you narcissistic slut! you think you can boss me around because you are my best friends mom! get over here, lemme spread that bubbly ass, you insecure old milf!! I'm gonna fuck you like Columbus fucked the Indians!!!"
  6. "Bend the fuck over bitch and spread those sexy legs! I'm gonna pound that pussy so fuckin hard you'll scream loud enough to wake the neighbors!"
  7. Shut up bitch, gargle
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    For bitches: :yummy: :yummy:

    FUCK me you kinky bad boy.

    FUCK me like the dirty little slut that I am.

    Put some effort into it and FUCK me like a real man.

    Make my pussy feel so FUCKING good.

    Are you making love to me or are you going to FUCK me harder.

    FUCK me like the manwhore that you are.

    FUCK me, you big dick bastard.

    Make me feel like a FUCKING women. FUUUUCK ME!

    Awwww yeahhh, make my wet little pussy FUCKING cummmm. *moans* :ey:

    Harder, FUCKING HARDER - uhhh yeeeeeee, uhhh, uhh. *squirts a puddle*

    That's pretty much how it goes for my lady everytime. :smoke:
    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  9. "Aarrgghhaha. K Goodnight."
    "Yeah roast beef is fine. Don't fuck me around with that mustard either. This is a first world country where I can have all the mustard I like."
  10. all about the caps ^^^^^^^^
  11. Swallow bitch,there's people starving in africa.
  12. Roll me a blunt and take your boxers off:D

  13. Sure thing. :ey:
  14. we're gonna have sex at some point.
  15. Promise, master?
  16. *looks at wife* Fine. Your sister can join, but don't blame me when we're through... *grabs both by the hair and lead to our bedroom*



    Shit was I daytyping again?


  17. Spread those legs wider, slave.
  18. Lol I need to stop coming to this thread when I'm stoned

    Mmmm baby it's dripping.. *hits blunt* wanna taste?
  19. "Oh boy am I gonna mop this floor!"
    "I'm gonna sweep you up dirty dirt!"
    "I'm scrubbing you off the wall, doesn't that feel good?!??"
  20. open ur fucking mouth

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