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Lets Talk About The Islamic State.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Royal Vengeance, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Me and my roommate were watching some raw footage and VICE Footage n what not on the Islamic State.. And the part we found crazy is how they've "established" a state roughly the size of Jordan.. And seem to be attempting to set up some Uber Fascist-Communist sharia law state lol

    Fuckin nutty. They got like there secret police force that travels all through the bazaars and shit. Arresting you for swearing, drinking alcohol, missing prayer.. Just about anything..

    They got a youth camp they're training.. The kids are like little propaganda puppets.

    Crazy how fast they've seemed to establish but the thing me and my roommate DEFINATLY agreed upon. These guys ain't gunna make it very long. When you start commuting a fuck ton of human rights abuses America steps in with rockets.
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    I was surprised Vice got that inside story. The ISIS PR dude they went around with was just recently killed.
    Also, the US tried to do a rescue mission on the other US citizen held captive. Apparently it was 'flawless', except they raided the wrong spot and there were no hostages.

    Where in the world was the Syrian Airforce? Did the White House cut a deal with the SAA in spite of past grievances?
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  3. Talking about doing airstikes on isis in Syria. I don't get into politics much but I wanna hear more about this
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  4. The list of public special OPs failures is growing much faster than usual..

    Idk about the Syrian air force but @[member="sammy"] we start striking inside Syria at IS and.. were opening up a lot of cans of worms lol gunna be nutty. Stuff starting to feel like were reachin the boiling point.
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  5. I feel another early 2000s coming on..large influx of troops to the middle east. Just really feels like shit is gonna hit the fan soon
    I wouldn't say it was a failed operation, per say. Just bad intel.
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  7. This is the next NAZI Germany. I hope we do not make the mistake of ignoring them rather than destroying them.
    And commits the same human rights abuses time 1000
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  9. I loved that Vice documentary. I wish it had 10 more parts. 
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    Yeah, vice was the first place I heard about ISIS. I think it was before the media caught on and they were just fighting Assad at that point. Luckily they got in at that time rather than getting killed. 
    edit: looks like they've made an updated one. gotta watch this
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    Edit: I'm watching the 'Battle for Iraq' one now, hadn't seen it. yessss
  12. Except much dumber.
    Well you have to remember the NAZI movement had about a decade and they purged often. Militarily, they do not seem so dumb, maybe a little. Have they taken Baghdad yet? I would hope not with American air support and what are likely combat controllers on the ground directing them, or CIA.
  14. Just a quick question: would IS be able to exist/operate if the us & uk hadn't created a power vacuum there by starting an illegal war?

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    Can't say with hypothetical and potential possibility. This is the reality we're in and fruits of consequence. Why waste time on what-ifs? Probably not but who knows.
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  16. Just opened a Time magazine last night to have a laugh and was bombarded with propaganda. They are really playing this ISIS card to their fullest abilities and military leaders are jumping on board as well. This is the military industrial complex's dream enemy - one which never goes away and is only fueled by attempts to be destroyed. I am not sure how our own militant extremism will be used to "spread peace" and make the middle-east "safe for democracy" again, but I am sure that these extremist groups will only grow in size and will continue to be a mechanism for military expansion/marketing.
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  17. Vicious:
    Is time really wasted on saying what if?
    Imagine, it's post 9/11 and bush has decided he's invading Iraq.

    Someone pipes up "WHAT IF we learn from past mistakes dubya, WHAT IF we look back and see if the us has ever implemented a regime change in the middle east and what was the outcome?"
    Well that would have been a fantastic use of time eh.
    Quick discussion about operation a jax, the realisation that the 'pariah state' of Iran was in fact shaped by the us and the uk.
    Maybe they might have decided a regime change in another oil rich middle east country would have long reaching negative consequences.
    Unfortunately, I write this tongue in cheek, because of course they thought it through.
    Coltclassic has hit the nail on the head

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  18. Aw shit, here we go.
    N Refugee Agency ‏@Refugees 29m 
    RT @melissarfleming: "Bodies floating in water everywhere" - tragedy off coast of #Libya. Up to 250 feared drowned. Somalis, Eritreans....
    The Washington Times ‏@WashTimes Aug 23  Islamist militias capture Tripoli airport #world #security #Libya
    BREAKING: #Tripoli under control of Fajr Islamists. #Libya we have lost our capital.
    #Libya'n #ISIS has taken over #Tripoli destroying the houses of their enemies. Great job #NATO!
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  19. Straight up. that's not what this thread is about though. So if it's NOT something directly pertaining to IS then please not in this thread. Not Iraq regime changes etc. The US didn't start the war in Syria and last I heard that's where IS started so..
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