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Let's talk about...The Debt Ceiling!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PuFyy, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Conservatives look to next battle - James Hohmann and Ginger Gibson -

    I normally tend to be against both parties, but my god the GOP has got to be the biggest embarrassment to our country.

    For 8 years, unless they were deficit hawks in sheep's clothing, the GOP said little to nothing, despite lowering taxes and funding a war.

    And now...the debt is a problem?

    This is your leader in the Senate and this is what he writes about?! Have you pointed to any solutions that the GOP would put forward as a "bipartisan" resolution? At least he didn't mention that the Senate hasn't passed a budget in some X number of days.... while forgetting to mention the GOP would block any Senate budget the Democrats would put forward. I think it's likely that the House of Representative/Republicans will cause the country to default on it's bills in a couple of months. Obama shouldn't negotiate at all on this issue and should repeatedly call for Congress to send him a clean bill from now until the deadline. When we go into default, Obama should get on TV and read the names of congressmen that caused the country to default and for the markets to crash.

    They can't keep on threatening to tank the economy every time the debt ceiling comes up. If Republicans want to fight spending they need to do it when the spending bills are made. Threatening to not pay bills on things congress agreed to purchase is chicken shit.

    I really hope Obama sticks to his guns and refuses to even discuss spending in relation to the debt ceiling. If Republicans want to come up with ways to cut spending that's great but they should be completely separate from the debt ceiling and Obama shouldn't even open the door to discussions that are tied to the debt ceiling. Using our credit rating as leverage in a debate about spending cuts is ridiculous. Even debating it every year is bad for our credit. It's like threatening to walk away from your home mortgage every year. If you don't want to pay for the house you shouldn't have bought it.

    The problem for the GOP is they don't even have the votes to stop the debt ceiling from being raised. They'll be in the position of having to refuse to even let it come up for a vote.

    It just amazes me how the debt suddenly becomes an issue to repubs. Wasn't a problem when Reagan increased the debt +185% ( from 1 trillion to 2.8 Trillion) over eight years. Bush Senior raised the debt +60% in his four years in office... Bush Junior (+95% in his (6.2-12 trillion dollars )eight years....
    Oh my though when Obama inherits the worst economy since the great depression and the worst deficit in US History.... "Oh my", then they call foul when he doesn't fix it immediately... then they call foul when
    the resulting deficit THEY CREATED, results in the debt going up 60% under a Democratic President.

    Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP, never met a spending bill he didn't love when Bush was in office... doubling the national debt.... new found fiscal conservative though when a democrat get into office... ..

    Here is the bottom line... Bush left the economy in fulll contraction.... GDP contracted 8.9% in Q4 '08, 6.7% in Q1 '09..... That was what was going to kill us. That is a million times more lethal than the deficit...
    What's worse than a 16 Trillion dollar debt with a 15.77 trillion GDP? A 14 Trillion dollar debt with a 8 trillion dollar GDP!

    The Republican negotiating tactic of "I will refuse to allow you to save the nation from imminent catastrophe unless you do things that I don;t have the votes to do, on my own, and that I wouldn't do, if I had the votes" is despicable. (But not surprising. Just as the fact that their supporters enthusiastically cheer this tactic isn't, either.)

    it really wouldn't be a terrible idea to do some minor budget cutting, either. IMO, if the Dems were to insist on zero spending cuts, then their position wouldn't be a whole lot better.

    If they really want to have war of Political Theater, maybe they could demand equal cuts from entitlements, and defense. (The GOP can shit bricks over THAT).

    End of rant
  2. Both parties are at fault when it comes to the HUGE debt. A good bit of that debt occurred on Baraks watch though and he has to take responsibility for it (he won't though....none of them ever do).
    None of the politicians in DC have the guts to do the cuts needed to get the debt taken care of. Oh they'll all raise taxes...that's easy. Shrinking big government is the hard thing.
  3. If it takes Ronald Reagan's spending record to get the other side to care about spending, deficits, and debt, then I am on board.

    Nothing important will change until the republicans/democrats are out of power.
  4. Blaming anyone side is falling into the trap of divide and conquer. Both the Dems and GOP are one in the same, just representing different industries. They both have the same end game they just slightly differ on what interest they pander too.
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    party politics created this mess and blaming parties won't solve it...

    so lets just create a $1trillion coin and be done with it :rolleyes:

    Can Trillion Dollar Coins Save the Economy? - Yahoo! News

    which one of our parties came up with this great idea?
  6. The national debt hasn't gone down even a penny in over 50 years. It's a pretty safe bet that there will be no real cuts anytime soon.

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