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lets talk about the "body high"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Audion, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. The body high is a great part of the overall high experience that I feel does not get discussed enough. Consider these questions if you will:

    1: What does the term body high mean to you? To me it refers to the vibrating pulsating goodness I feel in patterns all over my body ( hard to explain, sometimes stronger than others)

    2: What chemicals are responsible for the body high? Is is a cannabinoid or something else?

    3: I've heard vapes give less of a body high, but I would think this has something to do with type of weed/vape temp
  2. well i find i get a nasty body high from vaping but yea i know what that vibrating pulsatiing thing ur talking about is it feels so good when ur listening to a sick jam and u just melt into whatever ur siting in and the music surounds you

    i deff enjoy the body high just sometimes i dont expect it and have to walk somewhere and its really hard or going in the pool with a body high is tough but hottubing it is ftw
  3. I would much rather have a killer body high than a head high if I had to choose. Nothing like a bad ass indica to put you on your ass and send those good vibrations your way.:smoke:

  4. I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel less high when I don't the vibrations to keep me entertained. Of course if I could have both that would be great.:D
  5. It honestly depends on how I feel and what I feel like doing.

    If I want to play video games or go see a movie I like to vape so that I can get a clear head high and really enjoy what I'm doing.

    On the other hand, if I plan on listening to music or going to bed I might hit the bong (usually with AVB) so that I can really relax and feel good.

    Also, if I plan on smoking socially I'll tend to roll a spliff that is light on tobacco (maybe 30/70) and share. I find the high from a spliff to be a good mix of head and body high without the couch lock.

  6. cool...avb?
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    Already Vaped Bud

    I've heard two theories on why AVB gives you more of a body high.

    1. The smoke causes slight oxygen deprivation which causes the couch lock, whereas vapor doesn't do this.

    2. Certain cannabinoids related to the body high are only given off at higher temperatures then most vapes generate.
  8. i love a body high!
    i feel that pulsating deal, and i feel like my feet and hands are cottony and heavy when i smoke the really good stuff.

    i have never vaped
  9. my body high feels like i have a really warm and soft blanket when i listen to music. i feel like a robot if its dark and im roaming around on foot too. :hello:
  10. CBD is the cannabinoid thats responsible for the body high. thats why indicas give you more of a body high, because they're higher in CBD.

    vaporizers can give you different types of highs depending on the temperature at which you set it. THC vaporizes at a lower temp than CBD so if you set it on a low temp you'll get a head high and the higher you set it the more of a body high it'll be.

  11. I don't know enough about the last two points to comment but:

    1. My body high, when really intense feels like waves of pleasure sweeping by body, almost like a body orgasm, no jokes! Sometimes my legs twitch cos it feels so awesome. It just feels amazing :)

  12. That's cool man never knew that
  13. 1. A 'body high' is generally held to be a feeling of comfort, lessening of pain, and an overall 'couchlock' sometimes bordering on sleepiness. It lacks the 'trippy' aspects of a 'head high' and instead emphasizes the feeling of overall 'stonedness' one gets when smoking a heavy Indica or the like.

    2. Cannabidiol is the primary cannabinoid responsible for the sedative and 'body high' effects of cannabis use. It can be present in up to 40% of the plant matter. Sativas have a very high THC to CBD ratio whereas the ratio in Indicas is lower.

    3. That depends on the temperature used. It's easy to vaporpize all the good stuff if you want, or to keep it to just the lower temperature volatiles such as THC.
  14. when i started toking(again) in highschool after a longgg absence, every single high, from joint or bong for a few months gave me the feeling i love o so much - the body high or buzz.

    felt like my body was buzzing/vibrating and i really cound find pure blissful peace

    with that said i havent experience a body buzz for quite some time, and i now vaporize daily- somtimes at higher temperatures.

    once i finally decide to take a break, i will be anticipating the feeling:eek:

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