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  1. Sup guys. So I'm trying to learn as much as I can as I take on my first grow. Straight to the point, I wanna know what are the bare minimum things needed in soil in order to start an organic grow with no nutrients added to the water.
    I've seen the recipe for Subcools super soil. But I was hoping to look into making my own and was wondering where to start. Any info or anything at all regarding soil is much appreciated in this thread.
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  2. I'm only in my first grow so I don't know much. But, I started my plant in some organic potting soil from walmart, I think the brand was Scott. It has worked just fine so far for me. My plant is 27 days old now and growing great without any additional feeding. Actually, today I picked up some Foxfarm potting mix and I'm gonna use it when I transplant sometime this week.. I have read good things about it and figured I would give it a shot. It does run a little rich in nutes so i don't think it's recommended for seedlings because it can burn them. Personally I think buying soil is the way to go for beginners because it eliminates the possibility of messing up the soil if you try to make your own. Plus it's easy because it's already mixed for you..

    I know nothing about making your own soil, it could be easy if you just follow a recipe but I doubt it's much cheaper than pre-mixed, if it even is. As a beginner myself, my view toward mixing your own is that it's something for advanced growers who want specific soil compositions for specific strains, which I don't need for my singular bag seed plant lol.

    Just my two cents.. Peace

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  3. You should really look into no till gardening.

    For no till gardening you will need compost, peat moss, pumice, malted barley, kelp meal, neem meal, crab meal, basalt, biochar, and gypsum

    The amendments I had to purchase online becuz o couldn't find them anywhere...

    Compost peat moss pumice and barley I can pick up locally
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  4. Subcool's recipe is pretty damned fine, but like the old man wand'ring lonely above, I went simple and used MG organic, which is more warm than hot.
    The base is the key and any clean bagged soil which contains peat moss, bat guano or manure, earthworm castings, grain/bean meal, compost, lignite, greensand, glacial rock dust, oyster shell flour, k-mag, coco fiber, pumice, perlite and leornardite will do well. These ingredients combined have basic balanced nutrition and drainage partially built right in. What you tweak it with after that is wide open.

    But why not go with sub's exact recipe?

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  5. This I haven't looked into just yet. I've heard it mentioned but don't know the details. What are the benefits?
  6. I couldn't tell you all the benefits but what drew me towards it was.. it's a organic way of growing and if you wanted you could just use water from start to finish. Also your soil gets better and better everytime you use it. You can reuse no till soil for years.

    No till is all about bringing mother nature back into the picture, your top layer of mulch feeds the bacteria in the soil, the mites/worms in your soil feed on the bacteria and your plant feeds off everything from the bacteria and bugs produce.

    Look at the jungles and forests of the world .. do you see people with bottled nutes feeding them? No it's becuz everything the plants need is made right in the soil.

    Nutrient companies DO Not want people knowing this becuz the truth is bottle nutes is all about $$$$

    Feed your soil not your plants
  7. I like. This year I'm planting in containers so it might not work. Next year I was thinking of either a planter box, or digging a plot out in the ground, lining it, and filling it in as a no till garden.
  8. I'm using 7 gallon pots.
    Smart pots are the way to go with no till.
  9. FFOF soil 75%
    Perlite 25%
    1tbsp dolomite lime per gallon of size of container
    Ready to go

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  10. This. A1
    I do the same mix, without the lime.

    I just focus on the pH what's going on and don't worry about it too much beyond that.

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