Lets Talk About Shit

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mickey.T, Apr 10, 2002.

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  1. I think we should all just talk about shit that we wouldnt normaly talk about, like Pie,fish,cats,......

    I have no idea what i\'m doing...lol !
  2. OK........Pie are not square, Pie are round ( and very tasty )!!

    Fish are fun as hell to catch, some are good to eat!!

    Cats are cool, but strange creatures, we have two, and they are a good source of entertainment, especially the youngest one!!! LOL
  3. Alright. Shit, we all know that mushroom will grow in cow shit. Funny how we will grow some foods in manure (cow shit) and then eat it but hell no are we ever going to eat cow shit. Shit it high in nitrogren. Since a cow has four stomachs does that mean it shits four times as much? Hmm

  4. You must have never seen the famous cow shit eating festival in France. Every year in some little town in the middle of nowhere people have a cow shit eating contest to see who can eat the most!!!
  5. hmmm i could go for a nice warm bowl of cow shit right about now.


    French people are weird (Sorry to any fellow blades that are of French backround)

    My dad was telling me they have one dish..not sure of the name but its a pie made out of melted duck fat..mmmmm mmmm good.
  6. I saw people eating bull testicles the other day on television.


  7. Man that is sick, the things people will do for money ...

  8. My dad travels to Japan a lot and he has to eat a lot of weird food there. One time, his plate came with some white fatty lookin stuff that turned out to be whale blubber, and another time they served him vegetables wrapped in a cow\'s stomach.
  9. i had a math teacher that was obsessed with pies one time she brought in a pie for everyone to share when we were studying shapes.... man i love pie......
  10. Where the hell did that come from...lol

  11. Hey Ice Cream...
    I\'ve had bulls testicles. I used to live in Colombia dn they serve them in farms (if there has been a castration I guess) for breakfast w/ scrambled eggs. I was a kid but I don\'t remember them being particularly disgusting or anything like that.

    Peace out.
  12. i like pie

    if you like pie

    send me an e-mail ilovemikeyscar@hotmail.com

    or aol: mynameaintspanky

    i like pie

    and lime popsicles...

    but cherry\'s the best.

    i used to eat cherry popsicles at my grandma\'s house all the time when i was little... one time there was a big bug on the wall and my grandma went after it with a dustbuster

    it was good
  13. why is this creepy
  14. huh? I think I should skip this one...

  15. dont fall in it
  16. I ate cows tongue before and also slices of lard...
  17. I have to admit Mickey T always want to talk about stupid shit when he is stoned lol, he always go on at me and i just have to pretend im listenin hehehe.

    I have to say tho he really does make me Laugh when he is wrecked

    Laterz Mickey
  18. It\'s not creepy baby itfun very fun.

    I get thuroghly excited when I read about cow balls.

    OH God it\'s diging into my Zipper.
    I\'m sooooo hard I could open a paint can!!!!!
  19. .................speechless......................
  20. If buttered toast always lands butter down and cats always land feet first what would happen if you tied buttered toast to a cats back?
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